Radio Personalities Attempt To Destroy The Notion Of Starving Artistry, Provide Exciting New Showcase For Singer/Songwriters

Change the music business and change the world? Lunacy, you say? John Dillon and Viv Nesbitt are taking a stab at it. Their show, Art of the Song Creativity Radio, is heard nationwide on over 150 public radio stations. Approaching it’s 10th anniversary, this incisive, in-depth show is the front line in a delightfully rebellious assault on the industry status quo for singer-songwriters.

John & Viv want to shatter the business model for starving artists. Says Viv, “This is a project for people we love.” The Standing “O” Project is an on online platform providing an exciting new showcase for singer/songwriters. And they’re fueling it with support from the artists they’ve featured on their show for nearly a decade.

For an audience that loves singer/songwriters and feels underserved by commercial radio, The Standing “O” Project aims to help fill the world with voices and song.

This project connects artists with fans like never before. Music fans find new performers they might not otherwise discover. The content rich website is an unprecedented source for new music, interviews and exclusive material. The site offers Song of the Day, Interviews, Laugh of the Day, the Creativity Corner, a concert calendar and blog.

Featured Artists join the Standing “O” Project for free and invite their fans. The basic level of membership is $5 per month. Featured Artists receive 50% of any funds generated by their fans. (The other 50% covers costs, and helps Art of the Song provide their public radio program to stations free of charge.) Revenue from unsourced leads goes into a general fund for distribution amongst qualifying artists. Any Featured Artist who wishes can send their proceeds back to that general fund.

Named for the slang term for a standing ovation, John Dillon says, “The Standing ‘O’ Project celebrates the relationship that happens when an artist really connects with an audience.”

As Viv comments, “Like a standing ovation, The Standing ‘O’ Project is a show of gratitude to the performer, that we are truly together in the journey.” Fans and artists are encouraged to continue the journey in on-site dialogue about anything related to music, the universe and everything.

The Standing “O” Project presently has over 100 Featured Artists.

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