“That’s Not In The Textbook!” Teachers Want To Know Where Their Kids Are Learning, “The Real Story,” About The Murder Of America’s 16TH President.

With Malice Toward One: a graphic novel by Mike Person

o create a new learning experience that appeals to children and adults. Each page of prose is recreated on lincolnthe opposite page in storyboard imagery to reinforce what was just read. Leaving a lasting visual effect that a child can understand and appreciate.

Abraham Lincoln once said, ” A comedy is best played; a tragedy is best read at home.” At 10:15 PM, April 14, 1865; the 16th President of the United States was murdered while viewing a comedy at Ford’s Theater. Ironically, his assassin was John Wilkes Booth. A famous stage actor, best known for performing tragedies. John Wilkes Booth once said, “of all the Shakespearean characters, my favorite role is Brutus – the slayer of a tyrant.” This is the true story of the first murder of an American President.

“Mike Person’s With Malice Toward One perfectly spells out what went on behind the Lincoln assassination…….A great history experience which proves once again that History is Cool and NOT just about “dead people and dates!” – Betty J. Ownsbey author of Alias “Paine”: Lewis Thornton Powell, the Mystery Man of the Lincoln Conspiracy

“For students wanting to learn about the Lincoln assassination there is simply nothing available that even comes remotely close to Mike’s book in terms of quality and educational value. Congratulations to Mike Person for producing an invaluable addition to Lincoln assassination lore!” – Roger Norton Founder of The Abraham Lincoln Research Site and the Lincoln Discussion Symposium

“Smart teachers will recognize that the lower level students in reading will gravitate to the comic portion and get their history while upper level readers will take in the easy to read, well-condensed text on the left.” – Ms. Laurie Verge Director of the Surratt House Museum in Clinton, MD and senior volunteer for the Surratt Society

“We are pleased to announce a unique children’s book on the Lincoln assassination, which will also fascinate adults who were raised in the Classic Comics era.” – The Surratt Courier

With Malice Toward One, is Mike Person’s first graphic novel. My goal with this novel, is to make learning about History a new and exciting experience for children. Children are visual. I believe children learn much more when they can make a picture in their minds of what they are reading. I know. I was a child once. Mike Person currently lives in Elgin, IL with his beautiful wife Kristi and three wonderful boys, to whom this book is dedicated.







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