1920’S Inspired Fashion Fuses with Music and Film

A Synergistic Blend of Entities Influence One Boston Artist to Think Beyond the Music.
There are all kinds of ways to tell stories. The music video has always been the favorite of many, as an artistic tool and viewer. With videos being the weapon of choice for Artists, visual (image-based) social networking continues to be on the rise. Long ago, people danced at concerts. Now they Video, Click, Share and Tweet.Devonte Singer, Music Artist, Songwriter and Student of Berklee College of Music, understands the value of a visual display to any project in the professional space. Also, collaborating with companies such as PMO Media Group and JM Management Inc., has taught him the importance of relationships and networking to extend his reach. To support Devonte in his newest endeavor, this team has engaged Chicago-based Film Student, Jeff Franko and Cincinnati Fashion Company, L’Mode LLC, to come up with the concept for his upcoming single “Work It”. The setting is from the decade called the “Roaring ’20s.”This era and theme of the music video have a lot in common. As the 1920’s marked the beginning of modern America and new cultures, the Millennium saw many changes for the Independent Artist. Technology is driving the DIY and empowerment era. In the end, one theme remains common, relationships are at the root of it all.

The video shoot is scheduled in Chicago, IL on August 10, 2013.

Singer and songwriter DeVonte is among the most promising new artists to emerge from Cincinnati, OH. The oldest of 8 children, faced with many obstacles and struggles, at the age of 12 he realized that music would be the light to lead him in a different direction. Working himself through the local musical ranks, doors began to open for him to collaborate with many influential Indie Artists. That was not enough. DeVonte wanted to extend his reach beyond his geographical arena, taking his career to a whole new level. He is perusing music professionally and attending Berklee College of Music.

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