Pump Up Your Business With E R I Jams

E R I Jams Arts & Entertainment Magazine is ranked by as the fourth most popular media site, and circulation of 60,000 – 70,000 readers each week, the number one most popular, most read independent Arts and Entertainment publication in the County of Erie. Only the circulation of the Erie Times News Showcase, a for profit corporation, surpasses our circulation and popularity.

Our magazine publishes fresh, creative and original content each week that covers a wide range of informational and entertainment stories each issue that includes Erie nightlife, restaurants, local bands and artists, events, sports, and other arts and entertainment topics that are of current interest to not only our ever growing readership but to the general population of Erie County, as well.

Although our publication was founded in 2006, E R I Jams Magazine’s website hit the internet in January of 2010. Since that time, the website has enjoyed such great success that we have grown at a phenomenal rate allowing our popularity to surpass other media sites that have been around for many years including, Rocket 101 Radio, Z102 Radio and

In March of 2011, E R I Jams Magazine reached a milestone, our magazine website surpassed 1,000,000 views in only 14 months since was established. We see this as a direct result of our fantastic and diverse content, our respect for the environment along with our talented writing staff, reviewing local businesses, artists, and musicians, which all keep our readers coming back for more week after week.

Our magazine also has developed a one on one personal customer service attitude that each of our clients receive. We always remember that our readers and clients are our most important assets, ensuring our magazine’s continued success.

What this means to the business owner is, sponsoring our magazine and the placement of the business’s advertisement in the E R I Jams Arts & Entertainment Magazine will fetch a higher volume of people seeing their advertisement and more prospective new customers for their business.

More importantly, with our rates being much higher than any other media or publication in or around the city of Erie, the bang for the advertiser’s buck is substantially greater than that of other sites and publications.

  • E R I Jams Arts & Entertainment Magazine has a community reach of 23,000 base readers in our weekly circulation, with an additional secondary reach of, from 43,000 – 53,000 secondary readers each week for a total weekly readership of anywhere from 60,000 – 70,000 readers per week. These figures  These numbers represent the highest circulation of any publication in or around the Erie area in the history of Erie County, except for the Erie Times News Showcase, and equal the number of readers in the paid weekly circulation of the Erie Times News.
  • E R I Jams Arts & Entertainment Magazine has been serving the Erie community for more than 7 years now, by promoting, presenting and preserving our Arts and Music scene one issue at a time.
  • E R I Jams Arts & Entertainment Magazine’s website is currently the highest ranked web site of its kind that has ever been published in the area.
  • What all this means is, more people come to our site than any other publication’s site in the history of Erie County, even that of, the site for the Erie Times News Showcase which has a current site ranking, far below ours.
  • The most impressive thing about our circulation, web ranking, and over all popularity and readership is that the numbers continue to grow every single day, and all of our readers and web site visitors are from Erie and the surrounding areas.

All of this gives any business looking to advertise more bang for their buck than any publication in the County of Erie other than the Erie Times News Showcase, and in many cases, because of our targeted marketing, even more.