If there is anything as universal as time itself, it’s the music that makes up life’s soundtrack..

With a history of working with independent musicians helping to advance music as an art, E R I Jams has worked with many local, national, and international musicians over the years. Matty B. & The Dirty Pickles; Phantasm; Trevor Huster; Karen Jeffries; Starfish; Lake Trout; Bedouin Soundclash; DJ Boogs; Hello Kitty Death Squad; DJ The Real Truth; Digital Database; The Dogs; The Killerinas; Duppy Conqueror; Chaka; One World Tribe; Hayden Sayers Band; Greg Ropp; The Void; 5 Empty Chambers; Telefonics: Canadian Friday: Mans Room Band; Black Rose Diary; Coffin Bangers; East Ave.; snmnmnm; Johnson Big Band: Joe Pops Weirdo Theater; GG Allin’s band, The Murder Junkies; Big Mac Blues Band; Rodger Montgomery Blues Band; Blue Fire; Orphean Son; Face Down In High Water; The Bryan Burton Band; The Trashed; Darth Johnzo; Singing For Supper; The Earthquakers; Dj Dollar Bill; Professor Small; Final Rest; Terry English of” Night Shift”; Sonic Medusa; The Sound City Saints; The Cryers; TERRY SYLVESTER formerly of “THE HOLLIES”; IAN MITCHELL of “THE BAY CITY ROLLERS”; The Laundromat ; Mala Sangre ; Brain Dead Happy ; Argent Heart; Pete Best, original drummer for The Beatles; Who Bleeds 1st ; Pangaea; Anti Atom; Ramming Speed; The Coffin Riders; Local 80; Otis Freak Tent; Dave Owns; Mystic Flotation Device; Midnight Jacks and Bad Habits to name only a few of the performers that we have worked with.