And a Legend Is Born

By Jenna Croyle

With all the talented bands and musical artists in and around the great City of Erie, it is so few times when we see these tremendous talents escape from the confines of the area. Even more seldom yet, is to see what is commonly referred to as a “Do It Yourself” band achieve broader horizons for their music than just that of Erie.

This week’s featured band, Deadhorse, proves the idea that with hard work, dedication, and of course talent, we can learn to do more than just, what we may have thought was possible.

Deadhorse is a Post Rock band that was started in the late summer of 2009 and is a self-proclaimed DIY band. As a “Do It Yourself” band, learning the ‘Black Art’ of the music industry is no easy task, though the Deadhorse band seems to be getting the hang of it, achieving that which few, if any, local bands have been able, a worldwide tour that includes 17 countries.

This musically amazing band is made up of members, Seth Young and Brian Morgante on Guitars, Michael Messenger on Bass, Rachel Shesman on Piano and Garrett Janos on Drums. Beginning in the next few weeks, Deadhorse will take its

own powerful brand of dynamic and classical-driven music on the road, set to perform in Belgium, Netherlands, France, Germany, Denmark, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, Romania, Macedonia, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Austria, Italy and Luxembourg.

Using their instruments as facilitators, Deadhorse creates musical soundscapes of timbre and textures, engulfing the listener in an immersive environment of musical composition and brilliant sound design.

The music of Deadhorse goes far beyond simply listening to music, instead, it can be more adequately described as experiencing the sensation of an ambrosial mind trip.

Deadhorse seems to have a wholehearted embrace of music, and perhaps the provocative roots from which the Post Rock sounds of tomorrow will most undoubtedly spring.

With the great success of both national and international tours under their belt, independent album releases that are becoming insanely popular, and most importantly, the overwhelming collective talents of this band, Deadhorse is reaching new audiences all around the globe each day.

Though passionate, dazzling, captivating and mesmerizing are all words that can adequately describe Deadhorse, there are no descriptive terms that could express the powerful and uplifting way in which their music enriches the listener.

The passion, talent and musical splendor that is Deadhorse has taken their music far beyond art, launching what could arguably be considered a new, cream of the crop Post Rock sub genre, while certainly having given birth to a new legend in the underground music scene.

As a melodious prodigy, the original sounds of Deadhorse, not only rejuvenate our spirits and captivate our minds, but also somehow leave us that much better for having shared in their music.

For more information on Deadhorse, their show and tour dates, please visit their Facebook page.




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