Art Bags For Kids, A New Guerilla-Based Art Therapy Program, Provides Art Supplies to Children Who Are Limited to Their Homes Due to Illness or Disability

The program’s mission is to spread the fun of art by supplying deserving children with the tools to have fun, use their imagination and create art in their own time and space.

Art Bags for Kids was created by Christine Frisbee, a professional artist and philanthropist based in New York City, who understands the healing powers that art can have on all of us. Through her family foundation, The Frisbee Foundation, created in honor of her son who passed away from leukemia in 1989. Christine has started art therapy programs for children at Yale-New Haven Hospital, enabling children to create painted ceramics and other artwork during their stay in the hospital. Volunteers of the Foundation visited the hospital and painted alongside children with non-toxic paints, creating a healing project and environment for children undergoing medical care. This successful program that lasted 10 years was the inspiration behind Christine’s new art therapy project: Art Bags for Kids.

“The power of art is extremely healing and motivational. I speak from experience when I say that it can enhance the quality of everyone’s life. Many art therapy professionals around the world will agree. Our mission is to reach deserving children who can benefit from the magical powers of creating their own personal artwork.,” Frisbee says.

About Art Bags for Kids

Art Bags for Kids is an art therapy project that was created to bring the healing power of the arts to children who crave to do something creative with their spare time while either coping with an illness or disability, or who are not able to regularly interact with other children. The mission of the program is to help children enjoy art and interact with other kids by creating an interactive space to share their own creations and build confidence and healing through sharing.

The power of creativity through the process of art is proven to be healing, both physically and psychologically, and a motivational vehicle for chilren to express themselves during difficult times. The program serves as an encouraging platform for children to communicate their emotions via their artwork, both on a personal and public level. Art Bags for Kids encourages all children artists to submit their work to the program’s website to have it published and gain positive feedback for their creations. The website provides a creative and uplifting environment for other children to post positive feedback and encouraging messages to their artist peers, providing motivational support for both their artwork and the difficult challenges they may be facing. This is one of the special aspects of the program.

The Art Bags are big canvas goodie bags filled with fun art supplies and project ideas to help get the creative juices flowing and let children create their own masterpieces. Each bag comes with a large canvas bag with the logo of the program, markers, water colors, tempera paints, brushes, crayons, colored pencils and paper.

At the end of 2014, the program plans to hold a public art show in New York City showcasing the work submitted through the program. More information to be provided on the program’s website when available.

The Frisbee Foundation will work with hospitals, hospice and social workers to find children who would enjoy Art Bags. They will begin with Yale-New Haven Hospital and the Palliative Care program of Massachusetts. The bags are completely free to the children.

Funding for Art Bags For Kids will come from donations from individuals, foundations and corporations. Donations can be made on the website.

The Richard D. Frisbee III Foundation Trust was started in 1990 in memory of Rich Frisbee, a fourteen year-old boy who died of leukemia. Rich was the first child to undergo a bone marrow transplant in Connecticut at Yale-New Haven Hospital. The mission of the Foundation is to fund basic cancer research, provide professional education and help make the lives of families dealing with cancer easier. The Foundation also provides support for families who have children with disabilities and other serious illnesses through art programs.



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