Artist Launches an Inspirational Kickstarter Campaign, Aiming to Spread Positivity and Inspiration through Art

100 Shirts – 100 Cities – 100 Stories.

Illustrative art, which has been inspired by humanitarians, activists and leaders that shaped our lives and still100shirtscities continue to mold our future, has been added to 100 T-shirts & wooden frames and is to be shared across 100 cities, creating 100 inspirational stories.

Filmmaker, photographer, graphic designer and acclaimed artist Emiliano Deificus, today announces his Kickstarter campaign, which is titled 100Shirts 100Cities 100Stories. This is truly an inspirational campaign which sees the art designed by Deificus printed on combed cotton T-shirts and a high quality painting surface that’s surrounded by a wooden frame. The art is planned to be sent to 100 cities worldwide, with the intended result of sparking 100 inspirational stories to life.

The twelve different pieces of art include inspirational characters which are no longer with us, such as John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Princess Diana, Tupac Shakur, Aaliyah, Einstein and more.

“I had started a series called ART FROM THE HEART about two years ago, which is illustrative art comprised of humanitarians, activists and leaders who had spent their lives uplifting the conditions of humanity,” said Emiliano Deificus. “Their individual dreams and messages were so inspiring to me, that I came up with the idea to create art pieces of them to keep their dreams and messages alive. I have spent an entire year on designing these art pieces and another year on designing, producing and financing these combed cotton T-shirts.”

When asked what he planned to achieve with his Kickstarter campaign, Emiliano Deificus went on to add:

“My goal is it to get them to at least a hundred people, in a hundred different cities with your support through Kickstarter. I then want to give the owners of the art the opportunity to share their personal inspirational stories to all my followers and supporters on my social media sites in a form of a video, image or just a plain text message. I want to know how their messages or my art has inspired them.”

Artist, poet, writer and YouTube sensation Suli Breaks, from the UK, supports this campaign and shares his inspirational story in his YouTube video –

For more information on this inspirational Kickstarter campaign, and to pledge your support, visit the campaigns Kickstarter page –

Emiliano Deificus is a Filmmaker, Photographer and a Graphic Designer who founded deificus Art in January 2014 in Hamburg/Germany.

deificus Art is an independent Art, Fashion, Film Production, Photography & Graphic Design Company.








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