Auditions for Crimes of the Heart

Auditions for Crimes of the Heart
May 12th, 13th at 7pm at All An Act
Beth Henley’s Comedy-Drama
Crimes of The Heart
Directed by J.D. Mizikowski

Show Dates
August 23 – Sept 8, 2019
Fridays & Saturdays at 7:30 PM
Sundays at 3:00 PM
Sides will be provided, prepared selections are always encouraged but not needed.

All roles are available
Lenny Magrath (Lead): Female, 25-32
at the age of 30, she is the oldest of the three sisters; her sisters have forgotten her birthday, only adding to her feeling of rejection; is frustrated after years of carrying heavy burdens of responsibility; most recently, she has been caring for Old Granddaddy, sleeping on a cot in the kitchen to be near him.

Chick Boyle (Supporting): Female, 24-32
29 years old, the sisters’ first cousin, a very demanding relative, extremely concerned about the community’s opinion of her.

Doc Porter (Supporting): Male, 25-33
30 years old Meg’s old boyfriend, is still known affectionately as “Doc,”.

Meg Magrath (Lead): Female, 24-28
27 years old, the middle sister; as an 11-year-old child, she discovered the body of their mother (and that of the family cat) following her suicide.

Babe Botrelle (Lead): Female, 19-24
24 years old, the youngest Magrath sister; at the start of the play, she has shot her husband, Zackery.

Barnette Lloyd (Supporting): Male, 25-30
26 years old, Babe’s lawyer, an ambitious, talented attorney, views Babe’s case as a chance to exact his personal revenge on Zackery

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