Blind Athletes to be Featured in IndieGoGo-Funded Documentary

For blind athletes, judo is one of the few sports where they can compete with both blind and sighted opponents with minimal adaptation of the rules. Currently fundraising on IndieGoGo during production, Feeling Judo is a feature-length documentary that explores the lives of these blind judo players both on and off the mat. Sports for blind and low vision athletes do not receive the attention they deserve, and this independent film aims to give its audience a better understanding of the sport, the athletes, and what it takes to become a serious judoka.

Feeling Judo is currently running a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo in order to pay for travel and production costs associated with the filming of the documentary. As with many independent films, Feeling Judo is being produced without the backing of a major film studio, and is relying upon the generosity of donations to complete production. The crew has traveled throughout the country to meet with the athletes featured in the film, but there are several film shoots that lie ahead.

The ultimate goals of Feeling Judo’s release are to help raise awareness about blind judo and to help support the athletes who train so hard to reach the top level of the judo world. When completed, a portion of the proceeds from the documentary will go to help these athletes pay for travel and entry fees at judo tournaments across the country.

Anyone interested in backing the film financially will be entitled to several perk packages, including passes to the film’s premiere and their name in the credits. Exclusive copies of the film with bonus footage are also available to those making a contribution to the production of the film.

Judo is a Japanese martial art that is based on the foundations of jiu jitsu. Known as “the gentle way,” it incorporates the concept of using an opponent’s body weight and positioning against him.

The film is directed by Steven Simon, a Chicago resident and graduate of Grand Valley State University�EUR s film and video program in Michigan. Since 2004 he has worked on films, television shows and various projects. He currently works as a video producer.

The IndieGoGo fundraising campaign for Feeling Judo will run until June 23, 2013. If you would like to make a contribution to help this independent film become a reality, please click here to visit the IndieGoGo campaign fundraiser page at You can also sign up for updates on the blind athletes featured in the film and for the documentary from the Feeling Judo website, The film is slated for release in Summer 2014.

Feeling Judo is a documentary that explores the lives of blind judo athletes. Some were born blind; others lost their sight later in life. All have found purpose and skills in the sport of judo that extend beyond any dojo.

We are currently in the middle of production for this film. We have locations set in Illinois, Virginia, and California. The people featured in Feeling Judo represent different skill levels in the sport, but all have a passion and drive that is evident when you watch them on the mat.

The film is an independent, crowdfunded film in production that relies on public support. Please visit or for more details.



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