Brain Cancer Survivor and App Entrepreneur Michael Desmond Subject of Kickstarter Documentary ‘My Musical Tumor’

Way back in In June 2008, Michael Desmond was diagnosed with a medulloblastoma, a cancerous brain tumor. After a long battle in treatment with high doses of radiation to his head, Michael Desmond survived. tumorsurvivorWithout any money, he started collecting bikes from the garbage to resell on the Internet to fund an iPhone App he wanted to create. Currently he has 23 Music Apps available in the App store.  Now he is looking to tell that story via a documentary, titled My Musical Tumor. The project has been on for 10 days and only received less than 2% funding. With 3 days remaining it doesn’t look like this project will succeed.

“I wanted to self produce a hopeful and inspirational happy film. After I finished converting footage and finished editing the first scene, my computer crashed and I lost all the work I had done.  Then I decided would be a great platform for crowd funding. A number of films have been funded through Kickstarter, including a movie about Bronycon, a convention for My Little Pony enthusiasts. That project received $320,022 in funding,” said Michael Desmond.  “I assumed that my story about beating brain cancer and then developing an iPhone app that is a great tool for all musicians would get $50,000.” Sadly that is not the case.

Prior to his cancer diagnosis, Michael Desmond had worked in the documentary production world at the Media and Policy Center Foundation. In 2005, he graduated top of his class at Stony Brook University specializing in Digital Media.

“I am completely committed to getting this project. I have already spent close to fifteen thousand dollars of my own money – if I get the support, the documentary will be out by Feb 14, 2014, but if not it will take a lot longer,” said Desmond.  “I knew that the surgery and radiation was going to fry my memory so I recorded everything, I have journals, video diaries, medical info, and interviews all shot I just need a new computer and some money to submit it to festivals, general cost of post production. Less then $50,000 in the media world is still a zero budget project.”

More information can be found here at and DESMONDSDRUMS.COM





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