BT’s Thanksgiving Week and Weekend Shows

These are our TWO BIG events for November.  $8.00 in Advance  $10.00 at the door. Come to BOTH SHOWS for a discount when you order online:  $12.00 for both nights!!!!! (This offer is good for online ordering only!!

Thanksgiving Week and Weekend Shows!!! Basement Transmissions 1501 State St. Erie PA   Join us on FB  Follow us on Twitter

The first event is “BT’s TURKEY TROT” 11/27 5:30 featuring Kevlar, Teatime for Three, Sonder, Br’er, and Cluster Funk.

So far, Kevlar has come “so far”  from the start of our venue back in ’11!   From member changing, to logo, to popularity, this band never ceases to amaze us. They’ve been HUGE supporters of ours, as well as their main promoter and biggest supporter, Frank Sanzo of Don Frankie Productions. They deserve all the highlights anyone can give them, for they work so hard.

Teatime is another great upcoming band. They’re a fast paced fun psuedo-rockabilly garage band featuring two new faces into our ‘scene’, Jack Ryes and Eli Kerr. They also have two former members (Nick Dzuricky & Aaron Sutton) from the lengendary teeny popper band; Susan, Be Anthony! So of course they’re going to be a crowd involved band.

Sonder, is another soon to be legendary local Punk/Emo band. It has members from all over Erie’s Punk community; from bands like Squid Vicious, The Concrete Summer. This includes Julia Haight (Waking Yesterday), Will Taylor (Automatic Karl), Devon Brown (FML, Syphon X), Jon Blanchard, and Ralph DiLullo (Spud Dog). They actually originally started with Barlow’s, Ethan Oliva talent, until he needed to step down, for he was too involved with Barlow and the new powerviolence band, Box of Lamb. These kids are really happy with what is going on in this new band, and we’re excited as well.

The second event will be “BT’s BLACK FRIDAY BLOOD FEST” 11/29 at 5:30,  featuring locals Polaris Breach, Bail Easy, Of Shadows, and non-locals Valiance and Killing Thing.

Polaris Breach is a local Hardcore/Metal band that started in summer of 2012. With the iconic front man Steve Attenborough, this band is hard to forget. It also has Ed Martin and Tony Lombardo from the well known Metalcore band, Edge of Ruin, as well as Mark Emhoff from Box of Lamb.

Bail Easy is another band that has been heavily involved with BT from the very start of our venue. They’ve also come a long way with member changes, genre alterations, and crowd preferance. Bail Easy started as a Rock School band, which helped them spread their wings when they graduated from that scene. They have shared the stage with huge acts such as: All Those Sleeping, Close To Home, My Ticket Home, The Browning, Buried In Verona, Get Scared, and The Plot in You

Of Shadows is a local Metal/Metalcore band that has been around since 2011. They’ve been pretty active in our venue. They recently added well known lead-vocalist, Mike Hammar from Palindrome, as their vocalist which adds a whole new feel to their band.

Finally, we get to the non-locals; Br’er, Valiance, and Killing Thing. Br’er is a high end indie rock band from Philly, featuring members from two of BT’s all time favorite touring bands, Eskimeaux and Paperhaus. Valiance is a grimey Metal/Deathcore/Hardcore band, who will be playing BT for the second time on Friday. They had a GREAT crowd response last time they played, and we know that will happen again during our Blood-Fest. Killing Thing is a Heavy Metal/Hardcore band from Pittsburgh.  They have members from Underscore Adia, who have played BT various times, but this will be Killing Thing’s first time playing on our stage.






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