Classic Rock Keeps on Rockin’

By Jenna Croyle

In the wonderful world of music, everything old always becomes new again as the mega stars of yesteryear blackbearprodigynot only keep their music alive with the countless fans they attained in their glory days, but these time tested bands and their phenomenal music continues to attract new fans of all ages.

The legends of our Rock N’ Roll past such as Led Zeppelin, Guns N’ Roses, Poison, and Stone Temple Pilots more than maintain their popularity, and keep pumping up both the Rock and their fan base.

Locally, we have an entire plethora of amazing musicians that not only cover the music of the legends, but pay tribute to those timeless bands, their creativity, and the musical magic that they shaped.

Lending their own style and hard driving edge to the Classic Rock music of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s, this week’s featured band “Black Bear Prodigy” takes the music of our Rock masters and puts a high voltage and modern edge that has captivated their fans since 2011.

Black Bear Prodigy is a five piece conglomeration of the most talented musicians in our area that breath new life into the music we all loved for decades, and keep new fans of the genre flocking to not only their shows, but to the music itself.

Delivering energy on overdrive at every performance, intense musicianship, and sometimes almost psychedelic light shows, Black Bear Prodigy is one of the most gifted Classic Rock cover bands in our area.

As a breath of fresh air, Black Bear Prodigy is Rick Polaski on guitar and keyboards, Brad Lucas on Guitar and Vocals, Lu Seman on Bass Guitar and Vocals, Stu Zaleski on Drums and Vocals, and Jason Green on Lead Vocals.

Offering performances that are as musically diverse as they are talent rich, Black Bear Prodigy’s set list includes hits like “New Age Girl” by Dead Eye Dick, “The Ocean” and “Good Times Bad Times” both by Led Zeppelin, “Vasoline” by Stone Temple Pilots, “Free For All” by Ted Nugent, “Rock and Roll Band” by Boston, and of course “Come Together” by The Beatles, along with so many more.

Rick Polaski shows off his multitalented abilities as an instrumentalist with his stellar finger picking work and powerful skill on the keys, transitioning seamlessly between both instruments throughout each performance.

The Guitar licks of Brad Lucas is both brilliant and relentless, cranking out the energy and revving  up the riffs, Lucas’ playing is truly electrifying.

Lu Seman serves up high-energy and captivating Bass beats with wonderful rhythms, and tremendous time signatures, along with a healthy dose of Rock N’ Roll attitude with every beat.

The stick work of Stu Zaleski is melodic, yet spitfire, and his timing is always spot on, as Zaleski consistently shows his passion for the music, and never overplays the song.

As a Front man for a Classic Rock cover band Jason Green is over the top, churning out high-energy and massive personality from the stage that connects with his audience and keeps attendees drawn in the entire show. Green’s powerful and intense vocals deliver each of his lyrics with true Rock N’ Roll style, and would make the originators of the music proud.

Bringing to the stage amazing pulse throbbing style with intense energy that is undeniable, along with a rich treasure trove of talents, Black Bear Prodigy leaves a blazing trail of Rock N’ Roll hysteria and goodtime party vibe on steroids at each and every show they play.

For more information on Black Bear Prodigy, their booking, show dates, and other information, please visit their Facebook Page.








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