Classic Rock Recharged

By Jenna Croyle

Among the many diverse genres of music, along with the multitude of styles and influences that make up our midlifecrisislocal music scene, none have the time-tested appeal and blending of the generations as the Classic Rock genus.

Although Classic Rock appeals mainly to those adults who were the original fans of the music, many Classic Rock acts consistently attract new generations of fans while lending their own style and passions to the music, and offering a fresh feel to familiar songs.

This week’s featured band, “Mid-Life Crisis” takes a classic Rock music mix and blends their intense passions, stellar musicianship, and high octane energy with their innovative style and their in-your-face stage shows that when put all together makes for a musical experience of the most distinctive kind.

As a genuinely gifted four-piece band, Mid-Life Crisis offers their fans incredibly well performed Rock music with Rock star attitude and the energy to match.

As one of Erie’s most power packed Classic Rock bands, and one of the most supercharged goodtime party bands in the area, Mid-Life Crisis acts as the pied piper of the party, and turns up that rock till you drop atmosphere at every show.

With Tommy Buzard on Drums and Vocals, Anthony “Tuna Can” Mucci on Bass Guitar and Vocals, Steve “Buster” Winklebauer on Guitar and Vocals, and Erie’s legendary rocker, Tito Bongiorno on Lead Vocals, Mid-Life Crisis is a talent packed group of hard driving musicians to be sure.

Fueling the frenzy of Classic Rock gone wild, Mid-Life Crisis takes Timeless tunes and lends an explosive edge to songs like “Dirty Deeds” by AC/DC, “Angel” by Shaggy, and “I Wanna Rock” by Twisted Sister, along with countless others that makes this band a devastating force in our music scene, and a high impact act.

The Drum chops of Tommy Buzard pounds the rhythm and rocks your world as he never misses a beat and always hits you hard with wonderful Drumming and intense energy.

Anthony Mucci’s Base beats are deep and disturbingly well played, full of power and precise finger work his rhythmic Bass is never ordinary, and continually magnificent.

Explosive Guitar work with raging riffs and exceptional instrumental technique is Steve Winklebauer’s call to glory as he stands out as one of the true master Guitarists of our area.

Leading Mid-Life Crisis on its journey to greatness is veteran rocker and front man Tito Bongiorno who takes his powerful vocals, along with his extreme energy and dynamic stage personality and captivates audiences at every show.

With real deal  talent, vibrant stage presence, and an uncontrollable creativity that provides for a unique sound that shows the limitless musical range and tenacity that Mid-Life Crisis delivers at every show, this band takes Classic Rock to new levels, and their blast from the past music is recharged with today’s energy.

Powered by passion, and reviving that Classic Rock spirit with a fresh and electrifying presentation, Mid-Life Crisis brings the Rock N’ Roll of yesteryear into the twenty-first Century with a contemporary feel and a classic hard rocking attitude.

For more information on Mid-Life Crisis, their show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook page.





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