Erie’s Gastropub

By Cindy Hemper

A Gastropub is a British term for a Public House, which specializes in high quality food that is a step above the more basic pub grub.

In this week’s Sidewalk Series, we take a bite out of one of the most charming places in Erie that is certainly a step above the rest. Jekyll & Hyde’s located at 8 East 10th Street, Erie, PA.

Jekyll & Hyde’s serves a well-balanced and interesting menu with some out-of-the ordinary choices of sandwiches, burgers, salads and other tasty treats that are exceptional in both preparation and most importantly, taste.

Jekyll & Hyde’s serves innovative twists on classic pub fare that stress quality and freshness with every recipe, and every ingredient. The menu items draw from both national and international cooking traditions while remaining in harmony with the seasonal availability of high-quality ingredients.

Everything about the atmosphere of the restaurant stays true to three important qualities of being warm, inviting and unpretentious. Jekyll & Hyde’s is the Living Room of the Community, a place where everyone can feel welcome and comfortable.

Seemingly, they have gone to great lengths to provide an environment that is a fusion of both the old and the new, with the end result being, the coziest and most inviting place I have had the pleasure of visiting.

One of the most unique and scrumptious dishes served at Jekyll & Hyde’s is the Vietnamese Pork Sandwich. This Vietnamese Sandwich, originally called “Bánh mì” is awesome and it is a nice break from common sandwiches. The sandwich is made with fresh veggies and a high quality pork loin.

The guacamole is also delicious and made to order, as is everything on the menu.

Bánh mì shops can be found in many countries, especially in areas with a Vietnamese immigrant community. While there are many global and regional variations of the sandwich, the ingredients in the Jekyll & Hyde’s creation of the Vietnamese sandwich are perfectly combined for a simply delicious extravaganza for your taste buds.

The chef uses rather interesting and unexpected flavor combinations in all of their menu items that actually blend perfectly for a distinctive taste, while clearly only the freshest ingredients are used.

In addition, I would be remiss not to mention that the service was friendly, very speedy and without doubt, just outstanding. Jekyll & Hyde’s also offers inventive drink specials with a great selection of beers and other beverages.

Jekyll & Hyde’s was simply amazing in every way as I was blown away by not only the quality of the food, but by what seemed like the chef’s deep love and respect of food.

For more information on Jekyll & Hyde’s, their hours and menu, please visit their website





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