Erie’s Nazty Boys

By Jenna Croyle

In the late 70’s and throughout the 80’s Glam metal, otherwise known as pop metal swept the country, offering a new and creative sound that millions fell in love with. Much like the rest of the nation, the make-up, gaudy clothing, leather jeans and spandex seemed to catch the attention of Erie music lovers.

This week’s featured band Shag Nazty has taken that old classic hair band feel and given it a new polished and original sound.

These veterans of the 80’s metal scene have left behind the glitter and headbands to shape one of the most talented and versatile, original and classic-rock, good-time party bands on the scene today.

This electrifying four-piece group is made up of guitarist T.J. Colvin, bassist Joey Lorei and on drums and vocals is Kevin “Animal” Reynolds and leading the pack is Ed Gangemi on lead vocals.
Formed in 2006, Shag Nazty has taken traditional hard rock and heavy metal songs to new and innovative levels, while composing originals that have a creative mix of punk rock with a splash of pop-influences, combining catchy hooks and guitar riffs that make for a dynamic musical treat.

The fist-pumping riffs and energy driven guitar licks of T.J. Colvin creates a wave of old school shredding, while giving the band a sleek and modern sound.

The rapid fire and thunderous drumming of Kevin Reynolds not only keeps up with, but also adds to the energy and balance of masterful riffs and lightning shreds generated at every Shag Nazty show.

Joey Lorei is a top of the line bassist with the fundamental skills of old school metal with new school sound and power. Lorei always keeps perfect rhythms with exact timing while expertly blazing through octaves & fifths for a truly amazing addition to the Shag Nazty experience.

The lead singer, Ed Gangemi lends his distinctively incredible vocal skills to round out the talent packed crew that is Shag Nazty. As a veteran rocker, Gangemi pours his heart and soul into every song he sings with all the emotion, power and energy that each song demands while at all times being a crowd-pleasing sensation at every show. Ideal for Shag Nazty’s brand of Rock, Gangemi’s voice pierces the boundaries of talent for a raw, unbridled sound that resonates passion and a true love of music.

Covering a wide variety of classic tunes such as songs by Dio, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Alice in Chains and Quiet Riot along with vast array of original material that the band has to offer their fans, makes Shag Nazty a power packed, show-stopping dynamo of a total entertainment package.

Never boring, always entertaining and talent packed, Shag Nazty has earned their spot in the Erie music hall of fame, if it existed.

For more information on Shag Nazty or their show dates, please visit Shag Nazty Facebook.




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