Extreme Indie Rock

By Jenna Croyle

Since the 1980’s, the Indie Rock scene has become one of the most popular genres of music that is extremely diverse, with countless sub-genres emerging everyday. Many popular Indie Rock bands such as Bikini Kill, Bratmobile, 7 Year Bitch, Team Dresch and Huggy Bear, and the more widely known R.E.M. have given new meaning to “Rock”.

Since the early days, the Indie Rock scene has attracted the most talented of musicians, as well as innumerable fans throughout not only the Country, but our City as well.

This week’s featured band, “One if By Land” has not only added a fresh sound and flavor to our local music scene, but has done so with an incredible amount of talent and the highest of musicianship and energy.

One if By Land is a supercharged group of four gifted and seasoned musicians that blend Punk and Rock with an Alternative edge and incredibly melodic tunes that is bars above the rest.

Hailing from Meadville Pa, One if By Land is Troy Messerall on Guitar, Backup Vocals, and Keyboard; Paul Dean on Bass Guitar; Jim Stone on Drums, and Fred Oakman on Guitar, and Lead Vocals.

As an all original, all the time hard-hitting and high-octane band, One if By Land brilliantly creates well crafted and innovative music that dazzles their fans and puts a new spin on Indie Rock.

Producing songs like You’ll Be Missed, Long Time Coming, Nothing On Us, Yesterburner, In the Shade, and Airtight, along with many more, One if By Land is without doubt on top of their game and certainly among the best of the best.

Troy Messerall’s musical abilities are simply stunning as he glides through each song with masterful playing with riveting energy.

With deep and devastating Bass beats, Paul Dean offers a rich and high-energy nuance to the band’s music and delivers stellar playing every time.

The chops of Jim Stone are rapid fire and easy on the ear as he demonstrates show after show that he is a truly sparkling Drummer and an absolute treasure trove of talent, and a real asset to his band.

Fred Oakman takes his powerful voice with classic Metal overtones to new harmonious heights and brings life to every lyric he sings, while playing the part of a charismatic and high throttle front man very well. As not only the Lead Singer of this band, Oakman is also One if By Land’s secret weapon, creating intensely poignant and passionate songs that are truly captivating.

Fresh, fantastic and creative with inventive and ingenious music, performed in true Rock star style, One if By Land is an ultra energized band with mega talent and a true style and flair for performing, and far beyond what you could hope for in a Rock band.

For more information on One if By Land, their show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook Page.










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