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Save the Pirouette

stp2Students of the Lake Erie Ballet will be participating in a new exciting fundraiser this fall in order to bring awareness to the community of wealth of talent that has passed through the studios at Lake Erie Ballet for over half a century. The dancers of the Lake Erie Ballet want to show our community how proud they are of this legacy and they’re going to have a little fun doing it at the same time!LEB Students and Company members will be conducting a Turn-a-thon to “Save the Pirouette” on Saturday, Nov. 9th from 1:30 – 3:00 pm. Sponsor your favorite dancers to turn, turn, turn awareness to the beautiful tradition of classical ballet and the technique demanded of executing these spectacular turns.  Dancers will be given up to 10, 1 minute intervals to execute as many pirouettes as they can. Sponsors will receive a very special “Save the Pirouette” pin to commemorate the event and this extraordinary time in the history of the Lake Erie Ballet.

Sponsor a Basic Pirouette – inside (dedans) or outside (dehors) with a clean start, turning postion and a clean finish

  • $.25 + per turn, minimum 3 turns – maximum 50 turns

Sponsor the Fabulous Fouette – completed rotations, clean start, complete rotations and clean finish

  • $1 + per completed sequence of turns, minimum 2 rotations – maximum (12) rotations

What is a “fouette”, you say?  Pierina Legnani, an Italian powerhouse, first did 32 fouettés in Cinderella in 1893. Italian dancers (from the Cecchetti School of Ballet) were more athletic than their French and Russian counterparts and they also knew how to spot when they turned (spotting means you focus on one fixed point, whip your head around and return to that point, thus keeping you from getting dizzy.) Spotting, strong calves and thighs are all essential to doing fouettés and Pierina could whip them out.

Sponsor your favorite dancer today, and help “Save the Pirouette”.

Congratulations Dancers

2013-2014 LEB Jr. COMPANY

LEBjr2013-2014 LEB Jr. COMPANY

~ in alphabetical order, not as pictured~

Kami Alfieri, Gabrielle Brown, Elana Dolan, Amy Federici, Emma Howell, Alexandra Karlinchak, Brooke Kime,t Lily Kons, Claire Razanauskas, Victoria Quirk, Lauren Seliga, Tatum Yusz


Madison Brandt, Sophia Brown, Isabella Bruni, Amy DeJarnette, Ellie Maleseiwski, Olympia Otulakowski, Emma Sonney

Artistic Advisory Staff:  Lana Rae Crotty, Kim Lewis Howell & Christina Maria Adelhardt

See the LEBjrC perform in the Special Peformance Series – special student and teacher prices, only $5!
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