Gannon University Announces New School of Communication and the Arts

Gannon University has announced the creation of the School of Communication and the Arts in the College of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences. The School will co-locate and integrate current and emerging programs in human communication studies, media studies, and the digital and performing arts. Hands-on, co-curricular programs will be joined in the building including 90.5 WERG, the University radio station, the Schuster Gallery, the Gannon Knight, the Collins Institute for Archaeological Research and the Erie Chamber Orchestra.

The School will be dedicated to providing artistic and educational opportunities to enhance and expand the cultural lives of the Gannon family as well as the Erie community at-large. With a wide variety of exhibitions, broadcasts, performances, concerts and readings, the combination of theory and practice within the School of Communication and the Arts will provide students with enriching experiences that can make the difference between obtaining a degree and getting an education, between knowing and understanding.

The School of Communication and the Arts will launch with the grand opening for the Fall 2014 semester. Joining the new School are programs in advertising communications and journalism communication.

“Bringing these programs into the School of Communication and the Arts creates exciting synergies,” said Linda Fleming, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Humanities, Education and Social Sciences. “The opportunity for curricular development and collaboration increases when you put some of our more creative and innovative programs and people under the same administrative umbrella and under the same roof. New programming for the school is already being created.”

Co-location in the building at W. Seventh and Peach Streets formerly occupied by the Loyal Christian Benefit Association and other tenants will provide quality aesthetic experiences and contribute a deeper appreciation of the liberal arts experience.

Fleming pointed out that a person entering the building will see the Schuster Gallery (which will be relocated from the third floor of the Nash Library) to her or his left, directly across from the Archaeology Museum Gallery with its collection of 5,000- year-old Bronze Age objects from Jordan.

The creation of the new School was announced soon after the beginning of a fall semester that saw Gannon’s total enrollment increase by more than 200 students, a five-percent increase at a time when many institutions are reporting flat or declining enrollment.









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