Gary Snell Reaches Over 100 Pieces in Auguste Rodin Collection

Gary Snell is a collector of Auguste Rodin’s work. He has over 100 pieces of the sculptor’s work in his collection.

Gary Snell may be one of the world’s biggest fans of Auguste Rodin. For years, Gary has collected the
Auguste Rodinsculptor’s work, and has a large collection of his pieces. Gary Snell has collected over 100 foundry plasters along with the bronze works of Rodin, which is a significant accomplishment. For Gary Snell, collecting Rodin’s work has become a passion.

Auguste Rodin was a French sculptor who lived from 1840 to 1917. He is considered by many to be the father of modern day sculpture. His work moved away from the classic antiquity styles of sculpture, and instead focused on realism and naturalism. Rodin was considered highly controversial for his time, as he chose not to follow traditional sculpting models that emphasized the depiction of mythology. His work focused on creating realistic and natural-looking sculptures, serving as the precursor for many modern sculpting techniques.

Even if you do not know the name Auguste Rodin, you can probably recognize some of his work. His most famous work, The Thinker, is one of the most recognizable pieces of sculpture. This piece epitomizes Rodin’s holistic approach to sculpting, as all parts of the model’s body are tensed and clearly focused on his thoughts. Rodin emphasized all parts of his sculptures, and believed that every part should have its place and function. Unlike former styles of sculptures that emphasized a focal point, all parts of Rodin’s sculptures have specific purposes.

For Gary Snell, it is this emphasis on the whole sculpture that he admires in Rodin’s works. He explains,
“What I love about Rodin’s sculptures is that you can see that every part is important to the whole picture and his pieces have a sense of movement and are not static.”

Gary Snell’s interest in Auguste Rodin dates back more than three decades. He formerly collected art deco pieces, and was able to create an impressive collection. When his interest in Rodin developed, he has pursued the artist’s work with an unrelenting passion.

Gary does not keep his collection just to himself. He loans his Rodin collection to various international exhibitions so the public can appreciate the iconic works of this great French master. In 2000, Gary Snell provided over 100 pieces of Rodin’s work to the European Capital of Culture’s grand opening show in Bologna, Italy and has continued since to loan pieces to exhibitions on four continents.








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