Good Old Country With Zesty Rock & Roll

By Jenna Croyle

This week’s featured band has mastered the ability of mixing good old fashion country music with the zest of rock n roll for a perfect blend of musical artistry. Refuge has been a band in the making for more than a decade and are our local legends of Country.

Refuge crosses musical genres in a way that brings something very exciting to the stage that everyone enjoys and in a way that is exhilarating to listen to and watch, creating a truly unforgettably spectacular musical event out of every show that they perform.

Refuge brings not only all that is good times to the stage, but something that is so professional, that it feels like you are attending your favorite big name band’s sold out concert at the Civic Center.

This Rock’n Country band is made up of Ryan Krysiak on Lead Guitar, Marlay Shollenberger on Lead Guitar, Corey Williams on Drums, Tim Reed on Bass Guitar and Vocals along with Dan Baney on Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar, and Harmonica.

Refuge is not your ordinary, play on the weekend for beer money band, the members of this band are hardened musicians with decades of professional experience under their collective belts.

Dan Baney is an award winning singer and professional songwriter who has Recorded professionally, both vocally and instrumentally for more than 15 years and has over 24 songs copy written.

Baney has a strong stage presence that engulfs the audience with his powerful voice and compelling personality of a real entertainer.

The band’s drummer, Corey Williams adds a unique and diverse combination of rhythms and beats to the Refuge’s overall sound, lending a hardcore Country and Rock feel to the music.

Ryan Krysiak’s Guitar work for the band is just outstanding, defining the tone and character of the band’s sound. Krysiak’s bold and expert fingerpicking is truly inspiring and is without doubt, electrifying.

Tim Reed adds a mix of Precision Bass Guitar and amazing Vocal harmony for a blend of smooth slapping, popping, tapping, and thumping from a passionate, intense, high-energy dynamo of a musician.

Marlay Shollenberger’s Lead Guitar is absolutely phenomenal, with melody lines, instrumental fill passages and guitar solos that simply astonish the listener, and for the band, irreplaceable.

Filling up any room with an amazing pulse throbbing style that is infused by hard pounding originals and Rock’n covers with the sound, intensity and showmanship of national acts, along with the sheer power flowing off the stage makes Refuge more than just another five piece band, they are musical icons of Erie.

For more information on Refuge, their show dates and latest news, please visit their Facebook page.




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