Halloween Spooktacular At The Sandbar

By Terry Pentelli

This Saturday Night, October 29th, the Sandbar is putting on what can only be described as the biggest most badass Halloween bash that features two of Erie’s wicked-story-image2most electrifying and hard driving bands in town.

Located at 2835 W. 8th Street, the Sandbar will host the most wickedly insane Halloween Extravaganza anywhere in town that will rev up the party, and blow out the crazy from start to finish.

The entire night of madness and spine-chilling good times kicks off at 9pm when Erie’s own master musicians, Roseblood, an all original all the time band that takes the stage and cranks out that supercharged old school energy and blazing hot Rock.

As a group of hard-driving, high-throttle musicians, Roseblood is Mike Agostini on Percussion and Vocals, Eric Hall on Bass and Vocals, Doug Hunsberger on Guitar and Vocals, along with Angie Myers on Vocals and Autoharp.

As a powerhouse band that is loaded with epic talent and sick party vibe, Cosmic Rhythm takes the stage at 10pm, and leads the way to the massive, larger-than-life Halloween blow-out blast of a night.

With riffs that rock, vocals that roar, and talent on overdrive, Cosmic Rhythm churns out incredible fist pumping, pulse pounding Classic Rock at its best, with a no rest for the wicked attitude, and an intense energy that sizzles.

Made up of members Josh Maloney on Guitar, Mike Agostini on Vocals, Eric Louis on Guitar, Terry Hokaj/ Eric Hall on Bass Guitar, Chris DeDionisio on Keyboard, Stan Zlotkowski on Drums, and Nick Vigs on Percussion and Guitar, Cosmic Rhythm is an incredible 7 piece roster of mastermind musicians that rock every stage they play.

Raw and real, passionate and powerful, Cosmic Rhythm is one of the most creative and devastating bands that you have ever heard, and blows you away with every note that they play.

As a live equivalent to a Jukebox loaded with every bitch’n song that you could possibly wanna hear, Cosmic Rhythm covers the music of Artists from A to Z, including Pink Floyd, Beck, Traffic, the Grateful Dead, REM, Pearl Jam, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, Wilco, Radiohead, Derek and the Dominoes, The Verve, Little Feat, and Phish to name only few.

With hard pounding Rock gold, slamming riffs, and scary mad beats, Cosmic Rhythm is going to rock this no holds barred, blow-out blast of a Halloween party right, and will guarantee the best damn night out that you’ll have this year.

Lose your head & Rock your ass off at the biggest, most balls-to-the walls Halloween party in Erie, at Erie’s only official Halloween bash of the season!!!!!  It’s the place to be, so don’t be left out!!  Everybody’s welcome, nobody will be turned away, so be there no matter what!

For a schedule of upcoming shows and events at the Sandbar, please visit their Facebook Page. For upcoming shows and booking information on Roseblood, please visit his Facebook Page. For booking, upcoming shows, and other information for Cosmic Rhythm, please visit their Facebook Page.

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