High-Energy Pop-Rock

By Jenna Croyle


Pop Rock has been described as an “upbeat variety of Rock music characterize by artists such as Elton John, Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart, Chicago, and Peter Frampton. In contrast, music reviewer George Starostin defines it as a subgenre of Pop Music that uses catchy pop songs that are mostly Guitar-based.

Starostin argues that most of what is traditionally called ‘Power Pop’ falls into the Pop Rock subgenre. He claims that the lyrical content of pop rock is “normally secondary to the music.”

As with many musical genres, what constitutes “Pop Rock” and the style of the music is and always will be subjective, as music critics and journalists will always have differing opinions.

Though the “Pop Rock” genre may fetch varied opinions by critics, this week’s featured band, The Romantic Era has played their way into the hearts of the Erie people and are unanimously favored by their fans and critics alike as perhaps the best original “Pop Rock” band playing out in the City today.

This supercharged seven-piece band first began performing as a group in 2010 and since has become one of the most popular bands not only of their genre, but also of all the bands currently performing in the area.

The Romantic Era’s music has a distinctive and excitingly edgy sound with very well written and catchy lyrics, all blended with a dazzling and charismatic stage presence that offers their countless fans a one of a kind show experience.

Selling out shows with shoulder to shoulder standing room only crowds anyplace they perform, The Romantic Era is made of Colin Kimball on Keyboard, Ben Griffith on Drums, Alan Dingfelder on Guitar, Dave Pfister on Guitar, Bryant Kimball on Bass, Paris Williams on Backup Vocals and Connor Kimball on Lead Vocals.

With riveting smash hit originals like Rocket, Teach Me How to Dance, Ever, Promise Me, Fly Away, Ever After, Program, Gravity, She’s a 6 @ Best, Rock-N-Roll Princess, Haylee, High, Jiminy Cricket and Big Show, The Romantic Era offers every song as showstoppers, dazzling everyone in the house.

The Romantic Era’s talents have earned them not only the prestige of sharing the stage with national acts that include Jason Derulo and We the Kings, but the success of having their music available for download on iTunes, Amazon, Pandora, Google Play, and Spotify.

In addition to the irresistible sounds that roar from the stage and the excitement that splashes onto each attendee like a title wave, The Romantic Era offers a crazy party vibe that fills the dance floor, giving everyone the time of their lives.

Colin Kimball offers spectacular Keyboard work, never missing a note while the chops of Ben Griffith consistently deliver fantastic technique with melodic excellence.

Alan Dingfelder and Dave Pfister both serve up some of the best Guitar work in town, creating an infectious energy and phenomenal harmonies that captivate the ear and animate the body.

The Baselines of Bryant Kimball are nothing short of tremendous, almost subtle when needed and hard-hitting when called upon, Kimball’s sticks are ferocious yet always controlled and talent packed.

Paris Williams’ vocals are simply stellar, while Connor Kimball’s lyrical delivery is of star quality. With amazing vocal energy and top notch, electrifying stage presence, Kimball is without doubt, the total on stage package.

Guitars, drums, keys, lyrics and vocals all unite in the unremitting presentation of grand and progressive live music with high voltage shows that take the stage by storm as The Romantic Era party like rock stars with their fans at every show.

For more information on The Romantic Era or their show dates, please visit www.theromanticera.com.


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