Homegrown Hardcore

By Jenna Croyle

Though the Hardcore music scene, along with all its sub-genres constantly seems to grow and evolve, the counterfeitdedication, inspiration, and commitment to the music remains true to its values and steadfast in its mission to make a statement and change perceptions.

The local Erie underground scene consistently produces some of the most unique and talented musicians and Hardcore groups, and has always been an incubator for musical inspiration.

Much like the environment that nurtured the Grunge movement, Erie’s vibe and musical ethic continues to develop the best of the best as with this week’s featured band, Counterfeit.

As a three-piece high voltage group of gifted musicians, Counterfeit takes their special blend and style of Hardcore, mixed with passion and honesty and delivers the genuine article in both their music and their attitude.

Though new to the scene,  Counterfeit has already turned heads and taken the City by storm, capturing an ever-growing fan base and their well deserved place as the new powerhouse player on the block.

Fronted by Hali Etie on Lead Vocals, Kyle Bull on Guitar and Drums, along with Greg Waldron on Bass Guitar, Counterfeit offers their fans first-class musicianship and very in-your-face energy at every show they perform.

Counterfeit cranks out extremely well crafted original songs with very smart lyrics and devastating musical compositions that include hit quality songs like Can’t Take This, Found You Out, Deadbeat, and their self entitled piece, Counterfeit, along with other phenomenal numbers.

Kyle Bull’s Guitar licks are both outstanding and talent rich, always keeping a wonderful rhythmic feel, while being powerful and intense at all times.

The tremendous stick work of the Band’s Drummer is both melodic and broad, while being strong and powerful at the same time. Shaping intriguing harmonies and captivating melodies over blazing chops, the Drumming is simply marvelous.

The Bass beats of Greg Waldron are relentless and unstoppable, and as talent rich as they are spitfire and creative. Waldron’s flawless playing is a true credit to his speed, power, and precision, and certainly to the band’s overall sound as well.

Hali Etie on Lead Vocals is like a dynamo of talent, enthusiasm, and directed emotion as she effortlessly leads the band through each number with confidence and charisma, while making an honest connection with her audiences.

Fraught with energy and feeling, always keeping their sound intense, real, and radical, Counterfeit shows us all what true dedication and commitment to not only music, but to one’s own self really looks like, and most especially sounds like.

As totally hardcore entertainers with tight-as-a-drum musicianship, Counterfeit takes their aggressive edge, outrageous stage presence, and super creative song writing abilities and serves up amazing Hardcore entertainment at its finest.

If you want to see real deal, Hardcore rockers in action, check out the next Counterfeit show, the experience is the exact opposite of the name, and an outpouring of some of the most honest Hardcore in town.

For more information on Counterfeit, their show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook page.








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