Hot New Author Launches Free Series of Anti-Bullying Workshops

Youth Activist and Author, Delicia B. Davis, Debuts Anti-Bullying Arts Workshops and Coming of Age Book “Dear Diary, The Bullying Won’t Stop”

A sweet and warm young girl, Patricia Thomas, lives in a picture perfect home, with her beautiful mother in an bullyingstopsaffluent neighborhood and attends a model school. At first glance her life is unspoiled, but as you take the journey through the chronicles of her diary, a nightmare unfolds and her story sours. She is bullied by her mother, her classmates, her friends and by the men she loves. In her world, it seems, the Bullying Won’t Stop.

Author, Delicia B. Davis, revisits her memories of being bullied and tells a juicy tale in this work of fiction that many young girls can relate to. This open and honest book will indefinitely change the views and lives of its readers as they each step into Patricia’s mind as she fights to overcome hardships; soon finding inspiration of the heart, mind, and soul.

Delicia’s life experiences have been the motivation behind her professional work as a youth activist, Recreation Director, and creative artist. In response to the demand for a solution to the growing issue of bullying, Delicia has launched a free series of workshops, which educates young adults about the subject and allows them to openly express themselves through the arts.

Each workshop, titled, “Book Club Creatives” is customizable, educational and fun. They all begin with an open and interactive discussion on bullying and involve dance, art, writing and acting. The author has successfully conducted workshops at New York City public schools, libraries, afterschool programs, youth organizations, and more.

Delicia B. Davis serves as the creator and writer of, author of the ‘Dear Diary’ book series, founder of the performing arts & services company, Precise Production Group Inc., and contributor to the parenting magazine, Mommy Noire. She has made television appearances on the Dr. Oz show, MTV2, the Fuse network, and the Anderson Cooper show, amongst others. For more information on the author or to schedule a Book Club Creatives workshop visit








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