Jake Wand Discusses the Stigma of Independent Cinema

Since the 90s, independent film has gained traction in America as one of the more sophisticated parts of cinema. However, entertainment entrepreneur Jake Wand explains that not all independent films are equal in terms of their quality.

As an entrepreneur who pursues projects in film and television, Jake Wand knows that there is a lot of success to come from independently-produced projects. Some of the greatest examples of the independent genre include those that were produced on minimal budgets only to make millions of dollars for the unique experience that they present to viewers–such as The Blair Witch Project. However, Wand says that while there are many opportunities for storytellers and artists to develop unique projects through independent means, not every work is necessarily sophisticated or high-brow.

To illustrate how independent cinema has gained such a stigma for offering exclusively-cultured material, Jake Wand points to a recent article from FanSided that observes, “In the nineties, filmmakers like Richard Linklater and Robert Rodriguez broke through the wall that was independent cinema in order to usher in a new era of non-Hollywood content that could be seen by millions of people. Directors like Quentin Tarantino and Gus Van Sant were able to showcase their unique stories without dealing with the troubles of meddling executive producers from one of the major studios. Independent cinema became ‘cool’ for artists and college students that thought they were being smart. Most people think that independent cinema is just better than movies made by Hollywood.”

The article’s author continues by urging the public to not judge cinema by its affiliation with a Hollywood studio–or budget–by its content alone. Jake Wand responds, “This is absolutely a valid point. There are hacks in the independent world, and there are hacks in Hollywood. On the flipside, there are incredibly talented professionals in both sectors.”

Wand notes that many people are misled to immediately categorize independent films as high-quality, because many associate these works as a genre in and of itself. However, Wand argues, “There is a unique quality to independent films that are not usually found in Hollywood films. That quality is the voice of the filmmaker, the genuine talent of the actors and the artistic abilities of all the other professionals involved in the production of the film. Given that Hollywood cinema is generally produced to make money, rather than tell a story, the personal touch of the filmmaker is often left behind. That may be what leads people to immediately perceive independent film as a sophisticated piece.”

“Film is not the only artistic form that has been corrupted by this singular view of independent projects. For instance, independent music has also been touted as artistically superior to those who produce music with a label. That is not always the case. In the end, determining the true quality of an artistic work comes down to the taste of the audience,” Jake Wand concludes.


Jake Wand is an entrepreneur based in Denver, Colorado, where he remains dedicated to pursuing venture capital opportunities in the entertainment industry. While Wand is currently focused on developing independent film and television projects, he has also proven a viable contender in the music industry as an event promoter and owner of musical instrument retail stores. Apart from exploring the business side of creative arts, Jake Wand remains passionate about outdoor recreation, in particular that of freestyle skiing and motorcycle road racing.






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