A Jam Band Blockbuster

By Jenna Croyle

Locally when you think of “Jam Bands”, some may have a preconceived notion of what these bands may sound like, cosmicrhythmand what style of music they may play. In this article, we will be taking a look at a band that forces you to cast aside any preconceptions of what the term “Jam Band” may evoke.

With a rich palette of sounds and textures, incredible versatility, a steadfast commitment to song craft, and nearly a century of refined musical talent between the members, this week’s featured band, Cosmic Rhythm barrels through the cross genre boundaries as though they didn’t exist and captivates their audiences every time.

Putting a fresh and artistic spin on the Rock genre, and lending a style and flair to their music that is reminiscent of the great Jam Bands of our time, Cosmic Rhythm features extended musical improvisations that are as captivating as they are electrifying, and rhythmic grooves and chord patterns that are simply glorious.

Offering a vista of sounds and musical sensations with amazing energy and charisma, Cosmic Rhythm is Terry Hokaj on Bass Guitar, Alan Chaffee on Drums, Nick Vigs on Percussion, Christopher DeDionisio on Keyboard, Eric William Louis on Guitar, and Michael Agostini on Lead Vocals.

Offering genuine tribute to the music of bands such as The Grateful Dead, REM, Pearl Jam, Phish, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and the Rolling Stones, along with many others in an ever-evolving set list, Cosmic Rhythm delivers a panoramic soundscape of musical treasures with the most gifted musicianship and the most thrilling presentations.

Terry Hokaj’s Bass beats are enchanting and strong, while being perfectly blended with the music and delivered with the highest caliber of musicianship, while the chops of Alan Chaffee on Drums is without doubt nothing short of brilliant, as Chaffee shows off every performance why he is one of the best, most talented Drummers ever to pick up a set of Drum Sticks in Erie.

As a Percussionist extraordinaire, Nick Vigs playing is consistently rich and rhythmic, with an intense passion for his music that comes through each beat as he effortlessly breezes through each song like a true master.

The Keyboard work of Christopher DeDionisio screams talent with a strong flavor of phenomenal as DeDionisio delivers sparkling performances time after time, while the aggressive finger picking work of Eric William Louis is magnetic, exhilarating, and totally over the top playing, as Louis’ Guitar work puts the groove in groovy.

Michael Agostini is not only a very talented singer who can easily glide through various vocal ranges, but is an extremely high throttle front man also, leading the band through each song with the energy and charisma of a true superstar, and the ability to connect with not only the music, but with each audience member as well.

With an amazingly rich sound and style that is all their own, and a plethora enchanting and sweeping grooves, unblemished musicianship, and a marvelous approach to their music, Cosmic Rhythm is a true joy, and a must see band that causes you to redefine what a “Jam Band” should be.

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