Jim Morrison Sighted In Erie

By Will Levesque

This Article is a Republished Contribution from “Doing Erie: A Celebration of Theater in Erie PA.” and Was published in this magazine with the expressed knowledge and consent of both the Doing Erie staff and the article’s author. 


Carrie Canfield and Steven Opsanic have created a masterful reflection of the work of Jim Morrison and the experience we know as the 1960’s. It is a collection of musical interpretations, poetic expressions and compelling narrative, that help us touch a time that all of us who were alive did not experience the same way.

The Music is loud and varied. With soulful interpretations from Amber Cooke, heartfelt harmonies from Shannon Spiegel, Acid Rock understandings by Johnzo Capriani . There is great harmonica work by Mark Dolak and drumming from Bryan Greene. I got goosebumps whenever I heard Dolak hum on that never been more awesome Harmonica.

The Poetry is presented well too by Cee Williams, Carrie Canfield, Paul Davis and Chuck Joy. Davis also provides sixties based narrative to anchor the production.

As I was experiencing this ….I leaned over to tell Erin , I now knew what an acid trip felt like. In some ways this production is like the musical reviews presented by the Station for completely different audiences. But I enjoyed it and I hope Canfield and Opsanic provide a flashback soon. This show has loud music, strong language and a whole lot of heart. PACA at 1505 State Street is the host but is not easily accessible but if you can handle the stairs…And the loud music, GO!!!!! I give this show a 10 out of ten for daring to push Erie Theater in a new direction.




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