Loud and Proud, Rock & Roll in Erie

By Jenna Croyle

Every weekend the Erie music scene is booming with a cornucopia of talented musicians filling the stages of our local taverns and clubs. Much like other cities, Erie has a sweet musical diversity that would rival that of New York, Memphis, San Francisco and Chicago.

The four outrageously talented musicians that makeup this week’s featured band, Chrome, proves with each show, that Erie is a world-class musical haven. With meticulous attention to detail and an emphasis on accuracy in sound and performance set Chrome apart from other cover bands.

Since their first performance more than seven years ago, Chrome has rapidly amassed a huge following throughout Erie and has played everywhere from little corner bars to large-scale venues and outdoor festivals.

Unlike many other bands, Chrome has more than sixty hard-hitting songs in their repertoire, allowing them to keep the party pumping, limiting the number of breaks they need to take over the course of an average four-hour show.

Chrome brings their powerful note for note perfect renditions of songs from some of the greatest bands of all times to bare with every show.

The classic Rock & Roll harmonies of Chrome mix a sensory punch of AC/DC, Alice in Chains, 3 Days Grace, God Smack, Def Leppard, Kiss, Sammy Hagar and Judas Priest along with many more that vibrate the walls of any venue they play, while giving their audiences a show to remember.

Further enhancing the illusion of a big band concert is their impressive lighting, which elevate their stage presentation far above the typical local tribute bands. Chrome perfectly recreates the dynamic and charismatic energy of the original bands, which they cover.

Chrome is made-up of George Merced as the singer and occasional bass player, Rikc Stritzinger on drums, Myron Swanson on guitars and Chris Falk on, as the band puts it, low-end groove, and high-end vocals.

For the better part of a decade, Chrome has been entertaining Erie with their high-energy music that features howling vocals that resonate song lyrics, making everyone shake and quiver, while the musical accompaniment pulsates through your body with every beat for a total heart thumping, pulse pounding show experience.

With a guitar player constantly slamming into the riffs, a bass player who pushes the boundaries on every song in terms of tone and technique along with a front man inciting the crowd to have a good time with every note they play, Chrome creates more than just another show. It is a knockdown, drag out blast of good times and great tunes experience.

Every Chrome show is the equivalent of a jukebox loaded with every great hit you could ever want to hear, only better, it’s live, it’s intense and it is the best time you could have out at a show.

For more information on the band and their show dates, visit their website at www.chromebikerband.com



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