Magazine Overview

Founded in 2006, our group of local industry professionals use their experience and industry knowledge to create a different kind of promotional and artistic organization.

One of the things that make E R I Jams Magazine unique is our distribution. Our magazine is produced in a way that honors people and the planet-completely. Our publication is completely “Green.” We don’t feel that our environment needs to be burdened simply so we can produce a magazine.

We view our primary job as helping to bring a world of talent to Erie, while helping local independent filmmakers, writers, artists and musicians develop their careers with smart promotions and distribution services tailored to their needs and goals.

Our Magazine puts the spotlight on local Erie musicians, filmmakers and artists of all kinds. E R I Jams Magazine will focus only on the amazing talent that the Erie area has to offer and the dedicated people who make it happen every day.

Our organization strives to accomplish our mission by publishing the first of its kind arts and entertainment magazine, recognizing outstanding filmmakers, artists, and musicians; conducting scriptwriting competitions, and hosting public shows and events.