MS Teacher’s Sculpture to Display in Michigan

James W. Parker Middle School art teacher Christina Martin will have her art featured in an outdoor sculpture exhibit in Michigan.

Her sculpture, “Micro”, will be on display at the fourth annual sculpture exhibition at  John D. Wittersheim Sculpture Park in Adrian, Michigan from August 14, 2017 through August 4, 2018.  The purpose of this sculpture park is to honor the craftsmanship, ideas, tools and lessons of John D. Wittersheim. The exhibit utilizes the green spaces radiating out from Studio Angelico and provides places of inspiration and reflection. 

Martin’s sculpture is steel and is approximately 11 feet tall. Thanks to the moire pattern, which is created by the perforated sheet steel, as the sunlight and moonlight change throughout the day so does the piece.

According to Martin, it is inspired by microscopic organisms.

“It is from a series of work on the same theme. I am fascinated by the amazing, ethereal images that are not visible without the help of a microscope,” she said.

Her creation took about three months to complete, working a few hours per week.

Martin graduated from Ohio State with her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Sculpture and her Art Education certification from Edinboro University.  While at Ohio State, Martin worked mostly in metal. Now, she works with metal, ceramics, and mixed media pieces.

“Originally, my major was printmaking. But I took a required sculpture class and decide to switch majors because I really enjoyed working three-dimensionally,” she said. “My favorite medium was and is steel. I  like the permanence of the material. I also like the processes involved including welding and casting.”

Martin has made about four sculptures in this series. Her work has previously been displayed in a variety of shows, including: the current “Erie County Art Teaches” exhibit at Mercyhurst University, one at the Ella Sharpe Museum in Jackson, Mississippi and various shows at both Edinboro University and Ohio State.

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