Ne’ Richa, The Light Inside

By JC Nickles and Jenna Croyle

Beneath our protective shells, we are all luminous, enlightened beings, authentic, open, deep, and Ne+Richaexpressive. Perhaps the most expressive of all of us are the musical artists that transform their deepest wants, needs and desires into music that is not only lyrics and shape notes on a page, but for many, a glimpse at their inner light.

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with just such a person, an artist that speaks for those unheard, and express for those afraid, local Hip-Hop and R&B artist Ne’ Richa.

First off, let us get the name right… It is pronounced Ney Ra-shay…

Dedicated to her community and to her music, Ne’ Richa is not only an intense performer and incredible musical artist, she is also devoted to helping our local Hip-Hop scene working and intensive weekly schedule as a DJ on Gannon University’s radio station 90.5FM/WERG, along with writing music, recording and promotion of not only her music, but that of others as well.

As a RockErie Awards Hip-Hop nominee, Ne’ Richa is the first female artist to be nominated in the Hip-Hop field. With her inspirations being Tupac, who allows her to feel free about expressing herself and Missy Elliot, who puts her in the comfort zone being a female in the Hip-Hop game, she is ready to get out there, expose herself, and take on the challenges the music industry has to throw at her.

Ne’ Richa is an artist who has been working hard in the music field. She recently has been writing and recording in the studio for projects including “deLUXe” which she states that, “LUX means light” and she finds that she has gone through that tunnel and has now reached that light inside of her that shows growth, more confidence, and more self-knowledge.

deLUXe is her follow up album to L.F.C. (Late 4 Class) and is set to be available on August 24th, 2012. She is currently pushing hard and promoting shows coming up and doing many rehearsals.

Ne’ Richa is an artist who makes her own beats and writes her own lyrics so a lot of her time is used in crafting her work.

She recently performed at the 814 MC Showcase, and she had a brilliant and unique performance at this summer’s variety event “Heat Stroke at Basement Transmissions”, organized by JC Nickles of Nickles Entertainment, (oh that’s me).

Much like her other spot on performances, Ne’ Richa offered an absolutely stunning show, proving once again that she is worthy of the frequent comments of her style and talent as Lauren Hill, Left-Eye, Missy Elliot, and Da Brat all mixed into one.

With a fresh mix of bass heavy Hip Hop and electric Funk that blends together for a very fresh New Jack Swing sound, Ne’ Richa has added her own flair, making her a local Hip-Hop pioneer for the new millennium.

With an amazing radio ready voice, high throttle talent, street swag and superstar stage presence, Ne’ Richa is without a doubt one of the true treasures of our Hip-Hop scene, and one that is truly genuine, radiating her own inner light through her music. Ne’ Richa is a great talent that writes from the inside and keeps true to herself.

Look out for her release, L.F.C. (Late 4 Class) and once again, keep an eye out for deLUXe available August 24th, 2012.

If you ever have the chance, check her out on her website at







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