Nobody Ever Leaves Hungry

By Cindy Hemper

One of the great things about our city is all the fantastic restaurants that line our streets and fill our tummies.

From cake, steak and tapas, to oysters, chicken and burgers, Erie has some of the finest food that I have had the good fortune to have sampled along with the nicest people who make these great restaurants what they are.

In this week’s edition of the Sidewalk Series, we visit a restaurant that has become an Erie fixture where people come to feast on splendid foods prepared to culinary perfection.

The Sidewalk Café is a quaint downtown eatery that is conveniently located at 26 N Park Row #A and was started in 2008 by Julie Glazier. The Sidewalk Café is a great place for socializing, reading, studying and most importantly, dining.

The Sidewalk Café has a great welcoming environment and the staff is polite and friendly as they serve your meal with a smile, making you feel right at home.

The menu is simple but scrumptious as they put interesting twists on old favorites like the Greek Burger and the Cheeseburger Chowder. The portions are very large, but not excessive and the prices are quite fair.

The Sidewalk Café serves a menu that includes Chicken Cordon Bleu, Western Burgers and Italian Wraps along with my particular favorite, the Cajun Swiss Burger that is simply fantastic. They also have a very nice menu of soups and salads and delicious breakfast dishes like Cajun eggs and sweet-potato pancakes.

Unlike many places, The Sidewalk Café offers both breakfast and lunch dishes from open to close.

The Cajun Swiss Burger is copiously juicy, served quickly on a fresh and tasty Kaiser roll, all put together for an incredible taste. The Kaiser roll is a particularly flavorsome bread, supposedly invented in Vienna, and thought to have been named to honor Emperor Franz Joseph.

All in all, The Sidewalk Café has great atmosphere, comfortable seating, incredible food, good prices and huge portions with a wonderful staff that makes sure nobody ever leaves hungry.

The next time you happen to be in the neighborhood or just feel like having the best breakfast or lunch in town, I highly recommend that you stop by The Sidewalk Café, I guarantee you will love it.




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