Original Rock ‘N’ Roll Rampage

By Jenna Croyle

Since the 1950’s Rock & Roll has been, an ever evolving and constantly changing force that regardless of its content, forms, or sounds, remains one of the most electrifying, popular, and diverse genres of music today.

Blending Folk, Gospel, and Blues along with other styles of music, the Godfathers of Rock & Roll such as Elvis Presley, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino and Little Richard gave birth to a riot of rhythms and a kaleidoscope of perceptions of what music could be, anything.

Continuing on the path forged by the founders of Rock & Roll, this week’s featured band, “Stage 5” does not only embody the spirit of Rock & Roll, but has furthered our insight into what the new Rock & Roll should sound like.

Together since 2011, Stage 5 has taken Rock to the next stage of evolution, creating a fresh original sound with brilliant word crafting that is consistently delivered with true passion for playing and a rampage of energy.

Always imaginative and never common, Stage 5 is made up of Aidan Sloppy and Crew Weunski on Guitars, Gabe Fulgenzio on Bass Guitar, Liam Dunn on Drums, along with Dylan Downes fronting the band on Lead Vocals.

Bringing everything creative and talent rich to the stage each show, Stage 5 offers their audiences amazing original music such as “The Executioner” which has been nominated for “Alternative Song of the Year” at this year’s RockErie Music Awards, along with “Close Your Eyes”, “Paradise”, ” Party Animals”, “Dead or Alive”, and “Key To My Heart” to mention only a few of their devastating songs.

Aidan Sloppy and Crew Weunski on Guitars, is pure instrumental magic, as their gift for music and true fingerpicking ability is simply outstanding. Delivering superb harmonies, melodic masterpieces, and talent soaked performances, Weunski and Sloppy are without doubt two of the newest and best players in town today.

With speed, power, and excitement, Liam Dunn brings the Drums to life in a way that can only be described as phenomenal chops. Dunn’s obvious command of the sticks is simply poetry in motion as he glides through each song showing off his natural flair and fervor for delivering each beat.

As a Frontman and Lead Vocalist, Dylan Downes is stellar, presenting the songs in a confident and intense style that is packed with talent and constantly alluring. Downes’ ability to connect with his audiences is astounding, while his stage presence is always captivating, and his voice, versatile and rich.

As a shining example of what makes the local Erie Music Scene among the most diverse, interesting, and innovative throughout the Nation, Stage 5 is blazing a new trail in music, taking it to places unknown, and revealing not only its origins, but its future as well.

For more information on Stage 5, their show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook Page.






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