Poetry at Erie Arts Festival

The Erie Arts Festival will include poetry on Saturday, July 13 from 11AM-11:45AM, opening the Bayfront Convention Center stage, free admission. With Chuck Joy hosting this poetry segment.
Many poets from various aspects of our Erie poetry culture have been invited to participate, including Cee Williams, Poets’ Hall; Monica Igras, Community Poet 2013-14; Ron Hayes, Erie County Poet Laureate; along with many more.
Such a great opportunity to consider our poetry scene and its varied and wondrous components.
While this field is already crowded like a Kentucky Derby any available time after the scheduled poets will be made available as open mic. Please see Chuck Joy, if you are interested in participating in the open. While planning for the Erie Arts Fest has been underway a long time, this poetry opportunity is a late entry for which Chuck is most grateful to the Erie Arts Fest (thank you, Dan!). Remember, this year the Arts Fest is indoors at the Bayfront Convention Center. Free admission.
Hope to see you all there Saturday July 13 at 11 AM.
Bayfront Convention Center
1 Sassafras Pier
Erie, Pa
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