Rock & Roll Rhythm & Blues

By Jenna Croyle


I have seen nearly 3,000 original and cover bands play live throughout the tri-state area, some bands that play well technically and make great music, but stand on the stage like cardboard cutouts. I have listened to bands that have top class songs but for whatever reason they do not come alive on stage.

The mark of a great band, I think can be boiled down to three simple things, attitude and lasting power along with, and most importantly, the ability to reach out and infect the audience with its passion for music, living its music on the stage.

With two decades of crowd-pleasing stage time, this week’s featured band, The BluesBeaters have all of these qualities and many more.

With a cool, exciting and smooth stage presence, The BluesBeaters have been dishing up straight-ahead Chicago-style blues with the twists of Rock & Roll, Country and Jazz along with the distinctive presence of early Rhythm & Blues in a style that has made them one of the best Blues bands within 100 miles.

The BluesBeaters are made up of Antoine Jack on bass and piano, Henry Tee on Acoustic, Electronic and Bass Guitar and Vocals, Flip DeBerg on Piano, Maracas, Harmonica, Tambourine and Vocals along with Dean Gleason on Drums, Bass and Vocals.

Covering a very wide and diversified variety of musical artists, which include Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, Deep Purple, Hank Williams, Ray Charles, The Hollies, Sam Cooke along with “The Killer” Jerry Lee Lewis and even Frank Sinatra adding a truly classic and unique flavor to the show that gets the audience up and dancing the entire night.

The BluesBeaters offer their audiences a sparkling show because all of the musicians are incredibly talented and more importantly, all work together in a symbiotic effort to entertain.

The Band’s guitarist and even the bassist put forth and captivating presence, while the drummer puts on his own show at the back of the stage. There is so much that each member of this band does that turns what might ordinarily be just another band concert into an act which is one of the most entertaining visually as it is aurally.

The BluesBeaters Vocal section is simply stellar, with the individual abilities of each member being completely enchanting to all, while their harmonies blend perfectly.

The band’s drummer is not only talent packed, but has an energy that comes from a clear and deep rooted love of music, passionately enthralling the audience with every beat he pounds out.

Flip DeBerg sets the keyboard on fire, giving wonderful and electrifying performances every time that even “The Killer,” himself would enjoy.

As a collective, The BluesBeaters create an experience that is the total musical package giving their performances a special magic that transforms each show into a musical event of sight and sound unlike that of any other around town.

The BluesBeaters are without doubt Erie’s most diverse, magnetic and talented Rock N’ Roll Rhythm and Blues Swing band in Erie, always giving their fans legendary sounds in a high impact style that energizes everyone for the best possible show you could get on any given weekend.

For more information on The BluesBeaters and their show dates, please visit their Facebook Page.




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