Rodney Perry and Madeline Smith Supports Our Nation’s Veterans

Rodney Perry reflects on his days as a young Navy Veteran, shares some of experiences and opinions with his audience and allows Operation Veteran’s Promise to share their mission and message.

Veteran, Actor, Comedian, Radio Host, Philanthropist and Humanitarian Rodney Perry along with Madeline Smith, Freelance Publicist contribute to ensure our nation’s Veterans are properly remembered and addressed. Perry believes Veterans and their relevant issues should receive greater recognition, acknowledgement and consideration well beyond the usual holidays of Veterans Day, Memorial Day and Fourth of July. Service Members are Military for the time they serve, but are Veterans for the rest of their lives. So too are those who suffer from the traumatic impact of combat, for many their real battles do not begin until returning home.

Rodney Perry and Madeline Smith contacted Operation Veteran’s Promise to lend their time, energy, microphone and audience to give a greater voice to our Veterans and propel OVP’s message to the masses. OVP exist to assist Veterans in need, foster outreach, encourage community and corporate support and establish linkages between available Veterans and Employers who seek the talents, training and discipline Veterans possess. Visit Operation Veteran’s Promise!rodney-perry-live/cray, search the opportunities which are present to shape your future.

Operation Veteran’s Promise (OVP) is a newly established not-for-profit organization dedicated to supporting veterans across the country who need assistance adjusting and transitioning into civilian life. OVP is also committed to helping veterans find employment, secure education or job training, and obtain housing and sustenance. This includes veterans who are homeless, out of work, and impoverished, and who sorely require material and financial assistance during these economically challenging times. Headquartered in New Orleans, Louisiana, Operation Veteran’s Promise provides U.S. Veterans with vital support.







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