Saturday Night’s Cosmic Party

By Ben Carter

For the second Saturday in a row, Bobby’s Place has assembled a cornucopia of the best local musical talent and energy. Kicking-off at 8:30pm, this power-packed and high-throttle event thatHigh Energy Music will feature three blistering bands including Detroit Red, Birdseed, and Cosmic Rhythm, is sure to be the best night of music in town this weekend.

Located at 1202 West 18th Street, just at the corner of Cranberry and 18th, Bobby’s Place is packed with good-times and amiable atmosphere, the largest outdoor performance space, and many of the most amazing shows in town.

For more than thirty years Bobby’s Place has been entertaining Erie with top of the line music, supporting local charities, and is quickly becoming the new home of local original music.

Opening the intense night of mad music is “Birdseed”, Erie’s best kept musical secret since we all asked “who shot JR”.  Though I really can’t say that I have ever had what I hope is the pleasure of hearing this group, I’m sure that based on the caliber of musicianship on the night’s bill, Birdseed will be quite the treat. Remember, it’s always good to try new things…

Immediately following Birdseed is “Cosmic Rhythm”, a seven piece group of incredibly talented musicians that include Josh Maloney on Guitar, Eric Louis on Guitar, Terry Hokaj on Bass, Chris DeDionisio on Keyboard, Stan Zlotkowski on Drums, and Nick Vigs on Percussion and Guitar, along with Mike Agostini on Vocals.

With a set list that includes the music of bands like the Grateful Dead, REM, Pearl Jam, Phish, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and the Rolling Stones, Cosmic Rhythm delivers note-for-note perfect and amazing covers of songs like “Handshake Drugs” by Wilco, “Shakedown Street” by Grateful Dead, “Echoes” by Pink Floyd, “Mr. Charlie” by Grateful Dead, “Jane Says” by Jane’s Addiction,” Light Up or Leave Me Alone” by Traffic, “Sample in a Jar” by Phish, and “Hey Hey What Can I Do?” by Led Zeppelin, along with countless others.

Finally, and to close the night out will be three of the most high-energy and devastatingly talented musical artists in Erie that make up the band “Detroit Red”. Pounding out very high-octane shows, Detroit Red is Erik Nielsen on Guitar, Erik Mildner on Drums, and Josh Gone on Bass.

Delivering superb performances of original songs like Gasoline, Jump in Your Skin, and Canary Ward, Detroit Red is an extreme and devastating musical force in our scene, and a band that takes Garage Rock and Roll to new levels.

Come out Saturday night and get your groove on with some of the best original Rock around, and the most incredible good-times in town.

For more information on this show please visit their Facebook Event Page.  For more information on Bobby’s Place and their upcoming events, please visit their Facebook Page. For booking and other show dates for Cosmic Rhythm, please visit their Facebook Page.  For upcoming show dates, booking and contact information for Detroit Red, please visit their Facebook Page.  For more information on Birdseed, come to the show Saturday night.

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