The End Of An Era

By Cindy Hemper

For more than 40 years now Bobby’s Place has been locally owned and operated by the Marasco family. Located at 1202 W. 18th St, Bobby’s Place was founded by Bobby Marasco in 1984, a local drinkery for construction and shop workers.

Now owned by Bobby’s Daughter, Elena, over the years Bobby’s Place has seen many changes, and has attracted patrons from all walks of life, and has become one of the cornerstones of the Erie music scene.

Bobby’s Place has always been packed with good-times and friendly atmosphere, the largest outdoor performance space, and many of the most amazing shows in town, and most importantly, offering that real small town hospitality, and is truly one of Erie’s hidden treasures.

Now, and after decades of entertaining Erie with top of the line music and supporting local charities, the iconic venue that has been home to countless bands and patrons who have become more like family rather than customers and Musicians, is about to play their final note this weekend.

As one of Erie’s last true music venues, Bobby’s Place has played host to innumerable bands and music genres that truly span the spectrum of “Music” in its purest form. From punk and Metal, to Hip-Hop and Rap, Country and Rock, to Blues, Jazz, Hard Core, and Alternative, Bobby’s owner Elena Marasco welcomed every kind of music, making each Musician feel like they had come home.

From a mix of every style and genre of music, Bobby’s Place gave birth to the music of so many new bands over the years and was the home base for a myriad of veteran Musicians in our area.

Bobby’s stage was home to nearly every band you could think of such as Black Moon Mistress, Cosmic Rhythm, Crooked Cobras, Detroit Red, Diesel Houdini, Doc Proto, East Ave, Embrace the Unknown, Enhanced Super Humans, Eric Brewer & Friends, GESH, Hard Luck Story, Jess Royer, Johnny Bauer, Jon Halmi, Kevin Pollifrone, Kevlar, Lee Bains III, Liss Victory in Victory at the Crossroads, Mace Ballard, Mala Sangra, Maniacal Device, Marty O’Connor and Friends, Matt Crays, Mr. Pink, Night Jar, Nythis, Oh No! It’s Mustard Gas, onewayness, Paint31, Paolello, Costa & Gone, Planet Claire, Poets and Thieves, Requiem for Oblivion, Retri-bution, Revelation, Sonic Medusa, Special Guest, Storms Within, Sudden Frost, Sunless Sky, The Filthy Lowdown, CC&W’s Roundup, the Glory Fires, The LEC, The Midnight Jacks, The Penske File, The Remnants, The Wildeyes, This American Song, Till The End, Under Dog, YB, J.C. Nickles, and so many more.

Making a reality of Elena Marasco’s dream, Bobby’s Place has become Erie’s home of original music, and the center for the best entertainment in the area. In keeping with that same tradition of good times and great music, Marasco’s dream continues for her last weekend in the bar.

Kicking off this monumental and quintessential weekend of intense and power packed entertainment are the hard-hitting and powerful groups that include Maniacal Device, Black Moon Mistress, Mala Sangre, Planet Claire, Night Jar, and Crooked Cobras from Pittsburgh on Friday night.

Saturday’s devastating line-up features bands such as Kevin Pollifrone, GESH, The Wildeyes, local favorites, Detroit Red, Maniacle Device, Hard Luck Story, and from Pittsburgh, Paint 31.

Additionally, both nights will serve as host to the closing event parties of the 16th annual Great Lakes International Film Festival which opened this past Thursday, September 21st.

Both Friday and Saturday events kick-off at 8pm and are 21 and older events. I.D. will be required at both shows.

Going out like it came in, like a lion with a furious roar of a plethora of sounds, styles, and emotions, not to mention the high voltage, high throttle bands of cross genres mixes and styles.

If you have ever played a note, drank a beer or a shot, or enjoyed even a moment in this amazing and historic place that is really a home away from home for so many, please come out and share one last song, one last drink, and most importantly, one last very special moment with your friends at Bobby’s Place, for one last incredible night this weekend.

See you there, one last time, for the good-times…

For more information on Bobby’s Place or this event weekend, please visit their Facebook page.

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