The Unorthodox

Pittsburgh Premiere
Director: Eliran Malka
2018, Israel, 100 minutes
Hebrew with subtitles

Based loosely on actual events that changed the political landscape in 1980s Israel, The Unorthodox is an underdog story that features humor, suspense, and great music. A Sephardic dad is inspired to challenge the ruling political party when his daughter is kicked out of a prestigious Ashkenazi school because of her ethnicity. Shuli Rand (Ushpizin) stars as the outraged dad, who leads the charge along with a band of misfit partners, despite knowing nothing about how politics work. Even with the less-than-ethical methods they employ at times, it’s hard not to root for this gang in their effort to create a more just political system.

Opening Night film at The Jerusalem Film Festival

“Director Malka has made an extraordinarily accomplished and ambitious debut film.” — Hannah Brown, The Jerusalem Post

“The movie is sweetly and expertly told…” — David Horowitz & Jessica Steinberg, The Times of Israel

Thursday, March 7, 7 pm
SouthSide Works Cinema

Followed by an after-party catered by Tallulah’s.

Special ticket prices apply.

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