This Weekend’s Hot Spot

A Double Dose of Hammerd at Sherlock’s

By Terry Pentelli

This Friday and Saturday, July 19th and 20th, after the Roar On The Shore blitz of gootimes, bikes, bikes and more bikes, stop down to Sherlock’s  and for the biggest after the Roar blow out bash in town featuring Erie’s wildest Rock’n party band, Hammerd each night.

Located at 508 State Street, Sherlock’s has spent more than twenty years making their bones on grand shows like the ones this Friday and Saturday.

With a reputation for being the place to play and for hellacious madness on and off the stage, Sherlock’s brings the noise with popping fresh bands from all over Erie and the region, always ahead of the game and a beat apart from the other bars in town.

With fantastic bartenders, great servers, and killer drink specials, along with a top of the line sound and light show that when combined with the most electrifying music pouring off the stage of all genres, styles and sounds, Sherlock’s gets its crazy bash on, every weekend.

Both Friday and Saturday this weekend, Sherlock’s roars and rocks to the hard pounding sounds of Hammerd, a super sizzling band that will break you down and turn you out with mind-warping music and wicked attitude.

Made up of Brian Lorei on Drums, Trevor Vogt on Bass and Vocals, Brian Warzynak on Guitar and Vocals, along with Christopher Shaner on Lead Vocals and Guitar, Hammerd is one of the most high energy, mad party bands in Erie today.

With riffs that rock, vocals that roar, and talent on overdrive, Hammerd bangs out classic heavy metal and power metal at its best, with a no rest for the wicked attitude and an intense energy that sizzles.

The unbelievable fist pumping, pulse pounding, head banging repertoire of explosive insane 80’s Metal includes more than 200 hits from every Metal band you can imagine including Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Gun N’ Roses, Bon Jovi, Whitesnake and Poison to Ozzy, Iron Maiden, Queensryche, Dio and the Scorpions along with so many more.

Blowing the roof off every venue around town, Hammerd cranks up the party and fires up the frenzy like no other band around with that never stop the rock vibe.

If you are looking to get out, throw back and party like a Rock Star, roar into Sherlock’s this weekend and fill up on some savage drink specials, ass kicking, balls to the walls 80’s Metal, and get Hammerd all weekend.

This Friday and Saturday, the fierce 80’s Metal Madness with a bitchin stage show kicks off at 9pm each night and will be the best bomb-ass time you probably won’t remember.

For more information on Hammerd and their show dates, please check out their Facebook page.







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