This Weekend’s Hot Spot

French Kiss, Vagrant Dolls, and Joose at Sherlock’s
By Terry Pentelli

This Friday, February 21st, from 10:00pm until 2:00am Sherlock’s gears up for the most insane mixture of sherlockshotspotmadness that will be totally epic, as three of Erie’s most devastating and mega talented bands take the stage.

Located at 508 State Street, for more than twenty years, Sherlock’s has been Erie’s one shop stop for bumping crowds, sweet sounds, sick drink specials and a slammin’ party vibe.

With a reputation for being the place to play and for hellacious madness on and off the stage, Sherlock’s brings the noise with popping fresh bands from all over Erie and the region, always ahead of the game and a beat apart from the other bars in town.

This Friday’s show kicks off with fierce, fist pumping, madness cranking off the stage with music of the Classic Rock kings and eye-popping stage shows that will blow you away.

Featuring Sam Ugly, formerly of Cheap Thrill on Bass Guitar and Vocals, and also as a past member of Cheap Thrill, Danni Trash on Guitar and Vocals, and Cody Hoepfl, of Sudden Impulse on Drums, Vagrant Dolls is a hard driving, in your face Rock n’ Roll whirlwind of crazy party vibe and musical mania.

With well written lyrics, bitchn’ musicianship, and high throttle energy, Vagrant Dolls’ wicked originals like Hand It To You, Glad To See Ya, Strange Thangs, and Same Old Story to name only a few of their original tunes, keeps this band as one of the mega talented, supercharged party bands on any stage in the area.

As a group of four manic musical maniacs, Joose offers their audiences pile driver shows every time, with star like stage shows and tremendous musicianship that blows the roof off every time.

Featuring Jack Stauber, Mitch Wettich, Alex Kirschner, and Matt George, Joose always brings the noise, rocks the house, and gives the most wicked shows in town.

Featuring David “Holly Wood” Dunn on Lead Guitar, Josh “Roxxxie Love” Snider on Lead Guitar and Backup Vocals, Jeffrey “Pixie Styxxx” Snider on Drums, and Trevor “T-Rev” Vogt on Bass Guitar and Lead Vocals, French Kiss always delivers electrifying 80’s Glam Metal in that real deal style.

French Kiss hits you hard and starts every show out right with supercharged covers of fantastic hits like “18 and Life” by Skid Row, “Pour Some Sugar On Me” by Def Leppard, “Vacation” by The Go-Go’s, “Love Is What I Got” by Sublime, “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns ‘N Roses along with “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” and “Look What the Cat Dragged In”, both by Poison and many more hit tunes of the time.

With a high-energy Rock Star style and a heavy dose of balls to the walls party attitude, French Kiss blares the music using insane guitar shredding, outrageous breakdowns, and most importantly, they do it all like no other band can.

This Friday at 10pm, party like Rock stars with French Kiss, Joose, and Vagrant Dolls, Erie’s most blazing hot bands, at the City’s craziest bar with the biggest all out insane blast of the weekend.

For more information on this show, please visit the Facebook Event page. For more information on French Kiss and their booking dates, check out their Facebook Page. Please visit their Facebook Page to get more information and booking contacts for Joose, and to get booking and other information on Vagrant Dolls, please visit their Facebook Page.







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