This Weekend’s Hot Spot

Bobby’s Place Rocks The Block
By Terry Pentelli

This Saturday night, June 6th at 9pm Bobby’s Place hits it hard and rattles the Westside with a mega explosion ofhands_gesture_music_concert rock’n good times that include the wicked awesome sounds of Mace Ballard, The Penske File, The Midnight Jacks, and Diesel Houdini.

Bobby’s Place has been entertaining Erie for more than thirty years with top of the line music, some of the lowest drink prices in town, and that hometown feel that you get as soon as you walk through the door.

Located at 1202 West 18th Street, just at the corner of Cranberry and 18th, Bobby’s Place is packed with good times and charming atmosphere, the largest outdoor performance space, and many of the most smokin’ hot shows in town.

Bobby’s Place is a classic style tavern, packed with some of the best musicians Erie has to offer performing at the venue.

Opening this wicked night of mad music is local legends Diesel Houdini, blasting out their supercharged brand of a very high-octane Rock show, with crazy creative lyrics and bang’n instrumentals.

As one of the best acts in town, Diesel Houdini is made up of Drummer Andy Costa, bassist/background vocalist Josh Gone, and guitarist/lead vocalist Jason Pflueger.

Also on the bill are the hard-hitting pirates of the party, The Midnight Jacks, pounding out killer musicianship, a devastating set list, and hardcore energy on overdrive with that rock till you drop attitude that guarantees the best bitch’n good times in town.

As an edgy and super talented four-piece group of musicians, The Midnight Jacks are Steve Crane on Bass Guitar, Jeff Burick on Drums and Vocals, Bob Doerr on Guitar and Lead Vocals.

Adding musical madness and mayhem to the show, and all the way from Burlington, Ontario, The Penske File will be pumping out nonstop, fist-pumping Punk power at its finest, never letting the music or the party stop for even a minute.

With screaming Guitar riffs, pounding Baselines, and killer set lists, The Penske File features Travis Miles on Guitar, Harmonica and Lead Vocals, Alex Standen on Drums and Back-up Vocals, and James Hall on Bass and Back-up Vocals.

From Pittsburgh Pa, and bringing a mega mash up of styles and sounds, killer musicianship, and a tight as a drum sound, Mace Ballard rounds out the night and rocks the stage with amazing originals and off the hook instrumentals to match.

With a style all their own, and musicianship that is out of this world,  Mace Ballard is Chris Daley on Vocals,  Brandon Lehman on Guitar and Vocals,  Tegan James Angelo (TJ) on Bass Guitar,  Steve LaRussa on Drums, and Nick Miller (Nick Martin) on Guitar.

This Saturday, Bobby’s Place cranks up the party and fires up the frenzy like no other spot in town. Come out and support the scene, and rage and rock with 4 of the most in-your-face, high voltage bands of our region, pounding out the best original music on any stage in town.

Saturday night don’t be any place else but Bobby’s Place for the biggest bash, the most outrageous night of unbelievable beats, and the most ridiculously wildest and hottest, most balls-to-the-walls show of the weekend.

For more information about Bobby’s Place, this show, or upcoming events at Bobby’s Place, please visits their Facebook Page. For more information on Diesel Houdini, please visit their Facebook Page. For more information on The Midnight Jacks, their upcoming show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook Page.

For tour schedules, booking and other information on The Penske File, please visit their Facebook Page. For upcoming concert dates, contact and other information on Mace Ballard, please visit their Facebook Page.







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