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BFLO Punk 1.0 Premier Event at PACA

By Terry Pentelli

This Friday, March 22nd at 7pm, the Performing Arts Collective Alliance (PACA) will be hosting a special film and music event featuring the electrifying Documentary presented by local musical legend of “The Dogs”, Tom Weber, entitled “BFLO PNK 1.0”.

This is the second in a series of film-and-music events at PACA that combine new works by grassroots indie filmmakers and live performances by unique musical artists. The series is produced by Tom Weber, an Erie native and independent filmmaker and musician based in Pittsburgh.

BFLO PNK 1.0 is a 97 minute film that chronicles the Buffalo, NY Punk Era that offers an inside look at the Punk scene in Buffalo, and the bands like “Jumpers”, “Toys”, “Enemies”, “Freeland”, and of course The Vores, along with many others that made the Buffalo Punk scene real.

The film details those high-energy bands that exploded onto the Buffalo scene during the ‘70s and early ’80s, embodying the do-it-yourself philosophy, and capturing their places as legends of Punk Rock.

Longtime journalist Elmer Ploetz, a follower of the Buffalo Punk scene since the beginning, captured the power and excitement of the period in a documentary that is every bit as thrilling as the musicians that made the Buffalo Punk scene.

Through live performances, archival footage, interviews, posters and photos, Ploetz weaves a rich tapestry that evokes the vitality of this musical era. thevores

The event will also include live musical performances by legendary band “The Vores”, from Buffalo, NY, and Erie’s own “Unordained”, featuring local music celebrity, Burny White.

The Vores are a hard-hitting alternative band that merges the sounds of Art Punk, Noise, and Surf Music for a devastating final product that embodies the minimalist culture of Punk Rock.

The edgy and high-energy performances burst off the stage with Punk Rock at its finest and craziest, cranking out wicked originals like Raven and Eagle, Dark Outside, Big Fat Head, Fortran Babies, along with many more.

With a distinctive and inventive sound, The Vores always bring the noise and rock the house, making mad, in your face music that kills the crowd every time.

Also firing up the stage this Friday is Erie’s freshest, most high energy original band in town, Unordained, blazing a blistering trail of real Rock N’ Roll.

Unordained features many of the most exciting and smokin hot musicians in the area that include Bassist, Chris “Chow” Dropcho,  Paul “Iceman” Heise on Drums, Andy Pochatko on Guitar,  along with Front man, Lead Singer and Guitarist, Burny White. unordained

With a New York City edge, Unordained pumps out the most high throttle Rock that captures everything that a music fan would want from an original band and offers much more that anyone would expect.

This powerful and supercharged band blasts out astonishing songs like “Hey Little Girl”, “So Long Civilization”, “Want Someone To Love”, “Who’s Lyin’ Now”, and of course the self entitled show stopper, “Unordained”, along with many more.

Pumping out nothing but energy on overdrive, Unordained delivers the best and most honest original Rock with the insanity of the best party in town that never stops, and gets better every minute.

Founded by Mark Tanenbaum early last year, PACA consistently presents an amalgamation of the most diverse and talented Artists, Musicians and Theatrical shows the City of Erie has to offer, showcasing the best and the brightest of not only our area, but from the region as well.

This Friday night don’t miss the best night of Punk, Rock N’ Roll, and film anyone can remember, and the best time you’ll never forget.

PACA is located at 1505 State Street, show time is 7pm and tickets for this once-in-a-lifetime show are available at in advance online or at the door.

For more information on PACA and their events, please visit or contact Mark Tanenbaum at his Facebook page. 

For more information on Unordained, their show dates and booking information, please visit their Facebook page.




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