Travel to the Gibson House

This week we take a hop, skip, and a jump to Jamestown, Pennsylvania to share a true historical treasure.

Built in 1855 by Dr. William Gibson, the historic Gibson House, also known as the Mark Twain Manor that is full of Victorian style and poignant charm and comes complete with a carriage house in the back.

Once construction was complete, the home served as Dr. Gibson’s home for the remainder of his life. Through the years the Gibson House has beautified the local landscape for more than two centuries, and has served its Community in many facets including being the home of a local eatery.

Doctor Gibson was also the proud founder of the Pittsburgh Lake Erie Railroad in Jamestown PA and founded Jamestown Banking Company.

Located at 73 Forest Avenue, the house acquired its name the Mark Twain Manor from the friendship of Dr. Gibson and the Author Mark Twain.

Visit the home and discover all the history and secrets it holds.

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