Tribute-iful Singing

Tribute-iful Singing

By Alison Tingley

Nothing Like A Dame: A Musical Tribute to Leading Women of Song, is playing at the Station Dinner Theatre and Tavern. The show is directed and staged by Rae Jean Urbanowicz.

The show is exactly what the title suggests – a tribute. It’s full of education and songs from the 40s, 50s, and 60s. Nothin’ Like a Dame features Pam Durst, Lisa Slezak, Karen Nasca, and Rae Jean Urbanowicz. They pay tribute to Billie Holiday, Doris Day, Lena Horn, The Andrews Sisters, Judy Garland, The McGuire Sisters, Etta James, The Chordettes, and The Lennon Sisters. Through narration and film, the audience learns a bit about each of these artists. And the cast takes turns singing selected songs. When they’re not singing, these talented women are serving dinner and drinks to the audience.

If you’re looking for harmony – and who isn’t? It’s all the rage these days – look no farther. Durst, Slezak, Nasca, and Urbanowicz do a wonderful job. Durst enthusiastically sings some of the cuter songs like “The Trolley Song.” Nasca, with her powerful voice, puts a lot of emotion into songs like “At Last.” Slezak puts her wide range and strong vocals to good use with songs like “Come Rain or Come Shine.” Finally, Urbanowicz demonstrates her smooth style with songs like “Tennessee Waltz.”

Nothing Like A Dame: A Musical Tribute to Leading Women of Song runs through July 28. I must say, I am not a big fan of this type of music, and I enjoyed the show. You will, too. Call (814) 864-2022 or go on line to for show times, reservations, and access to the season schedule.






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