Underneath the Lintel

By Cindy Hemper

Now in its final weekend, and produced by the newly founded theatre group “Theater For You!” based in North East, Underneath the Lintel is directed by Craig Schneider and is a play by Glen Berger that originally premiered in 2001.

The sole character, the Librarian explains how his routine job checking in returned library books and sending out fines, occasionally peppered by a small rivalry with his coworker Brody was rocked one day in 1986 when a beat-up copy of Baedeker’s Travel Guide was returned 113 years overdue.

Inside the book, he found an unredeemed dry-cleaning receipt from London, 1913, but when he went to send the delinquent book borrower a bill for his astronomical late fee, he discovered the listed address was in China. This remarkable situation vexed the Librarian, annoying him to the point of distraction.

As the Librarian began to dig into the mystery, which launched him on a worldwide quest, and while he began to put together the puzzle pieces he became convinced that he was tracking none other than the mythical Wandering Jew, a man cursed to walk the Earth until the end of days.

The further the Librarian searched, the more obsessed he became, an ordinary man proceeding on an extraordinary journey, like the Wandering Jew himself.

This enthralling thought-provoking tale closes out its run this Friday and Saturday with show times at 7:30 PM, and a Sunday Matinee at 2:30 PM.

Performances for this show are at the North East Arts Council Building, 25 Vine Street, North East, PA. Advanced tickets and reservations can be made by clicking here.

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