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G’Evening, Friends!


In case there are some who haven’t noticed. Beginning last week, the local COMMUNITY NEWS out of Linesville, PA has been running a weekly news article entitled the ESPYVILLE BUZZ.

 I am completely honored to be the writer of this column. Each week I will be submitting informational articles concerning the current and past history of our Region, its People, and venues.

The original column was composed several years ago by a VERY dear Friend and neighbor, Catherine Buzonas, who, unfortunately, Journeyed beyond this Life a few years back.

Again, I am both honored and thrilled to follow in her footsteps.

Sincerest gratitude to Editor, DAVID SCHAEF, for suggesting this concept to me.

The title of my column in this week’s edition is “LEST WHAT THEY DO BE FORGOTTEN.”

 Pick up your copy in one of several area shops, or, better yet, subscribe!  http://www.communitynewslinesville.com/index.php

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