Urraro’s Gallery Opening Reception w/Brad Ford


Of Rag-dolls and Rocket-ships – December 6th- Starts 7 pm

Urraro’s Gallery 135 West 14th Street Erie, Pennsylvania 16501

This current show is the experimentation and discovery of my sickness, troubles and experiences in finding an answer of going past Post-Modern Art. I have been a Commercial artist for over 10 years. My job was to solve a design problem so the answer was always clear on how to create. My current struggle has been with to re-define myself by just making art and getting lost in the process of creating. My work typically has two levels. I try to allow my daily experiences affect my perception of the canvas and paint. The second is I create shapes, cartoons, symbols, and sketches that I repeat as a meditation. I have worked these in to my paintings to finally get them out of my head. I use emotion and intuition to guide me. I work in the traditional process of sketching and planning. After that first line, shape, or color makes it way to the canvas, I get lost in non-thought. It is my time to meditate. And when my time with the canvas is complete, I have a creation that in some way represents a moment in time or a thought.

The Art Groupies will be playing Originals & Covers by: The Clash, Chris Issak, Grace Jones, PIL,The Beatles, Rickie Lee Jones,Rihana & many more during Artist Brad Fords Opening Reception. Wine from The Penn Shore Wine Shop and light snacks.

Art Groupies:

Elly Vahey-Vocals

Rayna Allanigue-Saxophone

Eric Brewer- Acoustic Guitar

Stephen Trohoske- Acoustic Bass

Rickie “Snake Oil” Hopkins-Percussion

The process of painting is largely a matter of making decisions about colors I want to use and then creating flat textures with multiple media on the surface fairly quickly to prepare for the drawing. The apparent randomness of the paint turns out not to be random at all. I ask a viewer to slow down for a moment and pay attention to details, both the things you can see and those you cannot.

My next step is to begin to work on portraits and still life studies to find the possible key in defeating the Post-Modern Art ceiling.

Great Art, Music, Wine, friends!!!!!






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