White Collar Pub, Blue Collar Prices

By Cindy Hemper

These days, most of the attention for restaurants and taverns seem to focus on those located on State upick6Street, while others just a bit off the beaten path go without quite as much attention. The Sidewalk Series was designed to feature restaurants, pubs, taverns and favorite hot spots that are not located on State Street, but just as worthy of visiting.

This week’s Sidewalk Series feature, the U Pick 6 Tap House is the exception to the rule, being located right on lower State at 333 State Street.

The Tap House is one of the newest additions to the State Street scene, having been open now for just about three weeks. Although the Tap House is young, they certainly seem to have their act together.

Owned by Russ Stachewicz, John Melody and Tom Bosco Jr who also is the General Manager, the Tap House serves not only a wonderful selection of Ales, Beers and brews from across the country and around the world but also a fantastic menu of pub cuisine prepared in a five star restaurant style.

As you walk up to the Tap House, you will notice an attractive sidewalk café that is the perfect alluring accent to this Brewpub. As you walk in, you cannot help but be overcome by the old world charm of the interior design as though you just walked into a turn of the century London pub. Exposed brick, stained hardwood and upscale glass ensconced lighting fixtures and panels all come together for the most authentic feel that one could expect.

The Tap House even has a chunk of Erie history, boasting the original, actual bar from Dixon Tavern, the most historic tavern in Erie’s history.

In keeping with both the old world ambiance and the one of a kind experience, the Tap House serves your brews in a verity of chalices, stemmed half-pints, tulip glasses, beer flutes and European pilsner glasses. In addition, one of the taps make use of an old-fashioned hand pump to pull beer from an oak cask.

One of the most exceptional things about the Tap House is the cozy lounge area furnished with the most comfortable sofas and easy chairs that give that relaxing, your home now feeling.

Just as you pass the chill spot, you can step out into the very intimate and private rear patio that seats about fourteen people and looks out onto the courtyard that is picturesque in that it is surrounded by trees and Climbing Ivy, all of which makes you forget that you are in the middle of the city.

After being seated, my server came almost immediately to take my order and was very friendly and by all accounts very knowledgeable about both the menu and the various beers available.

The menu is very diverse, offering a brilliant selection of sandwiches and burgers, hot dogs, salads and appetizers, and most impressively, the only place in town that I know of where as a standard side, Potato Salad is on the menu.

Taking the advice of my waiter, I ordered a dish called “The Anniversary” which is served on a grilled Asiago Bagel filled with a mound of Turkey Breast, topped with Bacon, Cucumbers, Provolone, and Spinach Dip, and served with a choice of Coleslaw, Cottage Cheese or Potato Salad.

The Chef, Jordan Eback created a sandwich that is by far better than a five-star taste and certainly a ten on the delicious scale. Most impressively, the price was no more than you might pay at any other place in the city, while the taste would certainly be well worth paying five times that which was charged.

As if all the charm, old world environment, superb food and service was not enough, the experience does not stop there. After taking my check, my waiter did something that is unheard of, he actually stopped, sat down and chatted with me, making me feel not just as another customer that was well treated, but as a friend.

To say that I strongly recommend this place would be a gross understatement. The U Pick 6 Tap House is without a shadow of a doubt the most impressive, most unique and amiable, and certainly the most overall amazing spot on Sate Street.

If you have not yet visited this place, stop whatever you are doing, jump in your car and go there right away. The Tap House is a place you do not want to waste even a minute to try, from the first moment of being there you will realize the rush was well worth it.

The U Pick 6 Tap House is open Sundays through Thursdays, 11 a.m. to midnight and Fridays and Saturdays, 11 a.m. to 1 a.m.

For more information on the U Pick 6 Tap House, please visit their website.









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